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How to Treat Diastema?

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Hi friends!

This is Dr Premendra Goyal. I am a dentist in Mumbai. We all look towards having wonderful, beautiful, wonderful pleasing smiles. As they say a smile can win thousands of hearts. We all want a beautiful smile. Many at times we end up in situations where we end up gaps wherein its in between our teeth. These gaps maybe between two teeth or between multiple teeth or they maybe scattered throughout your mouth. Today we don’t need to move about with those smiles. If you desire a better smile those gaps can be closed. There are variety of treatment options available by which we can close those gaps. First and foremost bring braces. By braces all your teeth are brought together and those gaps are closed giving you a wonderful smile. Other options are increasing the size of your two teeth and getting those two teeth wider to close the gaps. There are options like porcelain veneers or even caps which can give you a wonderful balanced smile. Today you don’t need to be worried about those gaps. Those gaps which show as black holes with your smile. Ask your dentist how you can close those gaps. And you will find you can , you can get the smile you desire.

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