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How To Stay Healthy?

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Dr.Rajiv Bajaj 94% (2921ratings)
MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Cardiology, Fellowship in EP
Cardiologist, Delhi  •  41years experience
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I am Dr. Rajiv Bajaj, Cardiologist. I will tell you how to stay healthy. It is not very difficult. You can be healthy, your arteries can be healthy and your whole family can be healthy quite easily. The information that you have is not accurate but I will tell you, will be the best for you. Smoking, stress, smoke from pollution can damage your arteries but these are not as important as the food that you eat. A most important reason that people gets blockages and all other diseases which are all because of the modern lifestyle is the disease that is caused by modern food. As long as a human being was living in the forest and hunting, they were having a diet which did not contain glucose. When we shift our diet to agriculture the common crops are wheat, rice, maize, fruits, sugarcane, these are almost entirely glucose. Even in the veda, it is written that diet diabetes is caused by rice and aata.

And for 2000 years, everybody was controlling diabetes by reducing wheat, rice, and maize. Since 45, there has been a shift on what Drs are taught and what public is being told. The problem is cholesterol. What Drs and you all do not understand that animals are made of cholesterol like all plants are made of wood. Cholesterol is more flexible than wood that is why animals and birds are able to walk and fly. And plant stays at a single place for the whole life. Drs talk about good and bad cholesterol. HDL and LDL are meant to keep the blood clean. Any bacteria, any toxins, any damage, these pick it up and remove it from the blood before it does harm. So, it is meaningless to say that one is good and another is bad. When they are working together to keep the blood clean and glucose disease is all that practically you are seeing. If anybody in your family has got cancer or heart disease or diabetes or obesity whether they are becoming blind, losing kidney or knees, if you know that glucose causes toxicity, you can prevent it. The easiest way to be healthy is to follow the way those who are 90, learn from them.

What glucose does to our arteries? That it is very reactive, it attacks to the artery lining and damages it. The cleaning is done by HDL. The arteries will get damage and will form a clot there. This is a very simple science. If cells of your body get damage, they usually die. In cancer what happens is, the cells get damage but they start growing if you give them glucose. It is very reactive but it can provide energy even to a damaged cell. So, the damaged cell will thrive in a glucose diet just as a blind man and people without kidney are able to live in a city where they get the right care. If you are taking a forest diet which is mostly just hunting, you cannot get cancer. So, the story is the same for your brain getting glycosylation of the brain cell and becoming old or your eyes getting cataract because of it. Or your kidney is getting the same from the capsules or your knee is getting the same of the cartilage in the knee.

Glucose also produces growth that is why prostate enlargement, fibroid problem. We were living in forest food for first 2,00,000 generations. We are modern for 50 generations and get modern diseases. The trick is just as alcohol, tobacco damage your body, sugar, and jaggery also have to be reduced. But oily things like, ghee, butter, oil, foods that come from animals, curd, cheese, eggs, these have to be increased. If the Dr book is wrong then TV news will also be wrong. You have to go after the truth. You have to find the truth. It is your health, your responsibility of your family because it is there health. You must find out the truth and you must follow that. Nothing less will work.

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