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How to Stand Correctly? (Back Pain While Standing)

Dr. Vishwas Virmani 92% (23114 ratings)
Physiotherapist, Noida  •  21 years experience
How to Stand Correctly? (Back Pain While Standing)

Some people always get low back pain when standing in one place for a long time. Just as occurs when we are sitting for long periods,when we stand for long periods, the muscles that support us tire and relax, allowing us to slouch. When we stand relaxed, however,the lordosis becomes excessive and the low back hangs in an extreme position. 

This is exactly the opposite position to that adopted by the spine when we sit slouched. It is not possible to stand in this way for long periods as the excessive lordosis is a position of strain. If your low back pain is produced during prolonged standing, you will find relief by correcting your standing posture.

Correction of the Standing Posture

To stand correctly, you must hold your low back in a position of reduced lordosis. To find this position, you must first stand relaxed. Allow the chest to sag and the abdomen to protrude slightly; this will place the lower lumbar joints in an extreme lordosis. Now reduce the lordosis by standing as tall as you can. Lift the chest up, pull in your stomach muscles and tighten your buttocks.

You have now reached the correct standing posture.When standing like this, you reduce the lordosis with your own muscular effort.To begin with you will find it difficult to effectively hold this position, but with practice you can learn to stand in this new position for long periods without discomfort.

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