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How To Spank Right?

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How To Spank Right?

Physical intimacy can be like ice-cream. What is Vanilla without the sprinkles and chocolate sauce? Just plain boring! While you may enjoy the occasional Vanilla in your relationship, however to make things more exciting, there is never any harm in incorporating some kinkiness to it. Erotic spanking is such an activity that is so omnipresent that you may have experienced it as well at some point of time. So why is spanking so exciting? Spanking brings in some degree of sensual pain in the ever-pleasurable activity called sex. This will give you a variation in the array of sensations that are presented to you. Also, spanking is probably the gateway to BDSM and all you need for it is your hand, a buttock and perfect aim. In addition to it, spanking is rather risk-free and harmless. No serious injury can possibly be inflicted by a little tap on the back.

The real reason why one may like it can differ from person to person. While some do it to feel dominant, others like being on the receiving end of it if they like being submissive. Some may enjoy the rush of blood to the muscles of the buttocks and the high from the simultaneous feeling of pain and pleasure. As fun and harmless as spanking may seem, there still exists a rule book that you must abide by.

Here is a set of proper spanking etiquettes

  1. The spanks should focus on the parts of the buttocks that are meatier or the upper thighs.
  2. To make it more exciting, rub the buttock and caress it like kneading dough before landing a spank on it. Make sure the spank is not hard enough to leave imprints on the buttock, unless you have the permission to do so.
  3. Take off accessories like rings and bracelets before so that you don’t hurt someone seriously.
  4. Decide on a safe-word that is absolutely unrelated to sex, like- peaches. Feel free to exercise it when you think you have had enough.
  5. To bring forth the sensual aspect of it, start with light soft spanks so that you don’t jolt your partner up suddenly, and then test the waters with increasing intensity of the spanks.
  6. Alternate between light tickles followed by rough spanking. The brain will get mixed signals that will probably blow one’s mind.

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