How To Select Your Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon?

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I am Dr. Ashish Davalbhakta. Today I will be talking on how to select your aesthetic plastic surgeon if you desire to have any aesthetic procedure. Now, this is a very important topic because in India there is now an increasing awareness amongst people that they can improve the way they look by aesthetic surgery or cosmetology procedures. And there is no formal system or Govt accredited or University accredited degree in aesthetic surgery. Because of such a lack of qualification in aesthetic medicine there are a lot of quacks and poorly trained or poorly experienced players out there in the field and many of you can easily get way lead or mistaken and land up in trouble if you land up in their clinics. Before I talk more on this I would like to tell you a little bit about me so that you understand why I am the right person to be able to talk about this. I did Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, did cosmetic surgery extensive work and then started aesthetic plastic surgical work here in Pune since 2005. I am consultanting most of the top hospitals in Pune and I have been ex-secretary of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Currently, we run a fellowship program for aesthetic plastic surgery under Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and this is one & only Govt University accredited centre to train Mch plastic surgeons in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. So that bestows me with the position and Director of this program and we train plastic surgeons in the art of aesthetic plastic surgery. There isn’t any other higher qualification or position above this. And that’s why I feel that this is a topic which is close to my heart and needs to educate you about this. So how does one go about trying to identify or seek the right person to help you with the aesthetic journey. The number one thing you should look out for is obviously their qualifications. 

They should have worked in some units where there is a lot of aesthetic work been done. See in their CVS look at their CVS on their websites or never hesitate to ask them if they have done any aesthetic surgery. Having looked at that then comes their accreditations. Do they belong to some good recognized official bodies or societies such as the Association of Plastic Surgeons of India or the Indian association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons these are the large societies in India where members are first vetted before they are given membership? Their qualifications are veted and their experiences judged and programme in these societies is to keep the members trained in the highest levels so that they can deliver the best treatment to their patients. You can look for some local associations like the Sushrut Society which is the Maharashtrian Association of Plastic Surgeons they are other societies that you can look out for. The next thing you should do is look at the website properly. The website should be nicely professionally done with very few errors and there should be a good amount of information on the website. You can look at the results see the posts that are showcased there because that would tell you a little bit about the quality of work that they are doing. However, the pictures on the website may not be really genuine may be a good idea to take a consultation with the surgeon and look at the result that they are showing about the surgery you wish to happen and if the results are good then obviously the person has achieved reasonable mastery in this skill that he has learned. So the results are very important. Have a consultation see how detailed the consultation is and also see how genuine the surgeon or physician is coming across.

Whether they are educating you about the likely complications the ways you get out of those complications and what kind of outcome he is likely to be able to give you. So all these points are very important. Following that you try to see if there are any testimonials. His past patients may have put up some testimonials on the website or there may be also random kind of unbiased website so look on some testimonials because it does give you an idea of the overall success or the overall outcome that the surgeon or the physician is giving. Last but not the least see if you can talk to any of the past patients because they are the ones who would be able to give you personal opinion also will tell you about the procedure that you wish to have. And how the recovery has been and what the personality and the viability of the surgeon is. So all those points are important. So hope the points that I have mentioned today will arm you with the necessary tools that are required to judge or select the right cosmetic surgeon to help you in your journey to be good. With this, we hope that we will make a difference in your life.

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