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How To Help Someone Who Is going Through Depression?

Dr. Sarika Manoli 87% (175 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Bangalore  •  16 years experience
How To Help Someone Who Is going Through Depression?

If you feel your friend or loved one is suffering from depression and you don't know how to go about it. You might find this helpful.

1. First thing they need is support and understanding.

2. Please don't tell them it is a phase and they will get out of it.

3. Encourage them to talk about their problem. 

4. Please don't ask them" snap out of it. They cannot.

5. It could be unlikely that you may know how they feel so, don't make them feel that it is a small problem and that they should learn to handle it on their own.

6. Keep talking to them, even if they don't respond. They need to know they have someone on their side. 

7. Talk to them about options of handling this issue.

8. They may tend to see everything negatively, try to remind them about the other good things in their life.

9. See if you can manage to get them some professional help.
Take them to a psychiatrist. Because professional help is the most important thing that can help them through this phase of life. 

If you are wondering how to spot depression 

I have written some of the signs in my previous posts.

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