How to Heal Tooth Cavities Naturally?

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How to Heal Tooth Cavities Naturally?
How to heal tooth cavities naturally?

It is believed that tooth decay once occurred cannot be reversed or healed. But the recent studies have proven this wrong. According to the researches cavity can be healed by improved diet. Tooth decay primarily occurs due to bathing the teeth with the foods containing carbohydrates frequently. Bacteria from mouth feed on these foods and produce acids which destroy tooth enamel over a period of time resulting in cavity.

To heal cavities naturally, we need to include the foods rich in minerals like calcium, fat soluble vitamins lack of which cause cavities.

Ways to heal cavities naturally

1. Avoid sugar and phytic acid (phytate)

Sugar is the food for bacteria. So it is better to avoid sugar in your diet. You can replace sugar with pure honey which is much healthier option.

Phytate is mineral blocker found in nuts, seeds, soy products and grains. It does not only inhibit absorption of minerals in your body but also leaches out minerals from the teeth and bones. You can alter the way you eat the phytate containing foods. Prefer sprouted seeds, fermented soy foods, salted bread etc which cut down the amount of phytate.

2. Minerals

Calcium strengthens teeth. Hence increase your calcium intake by consuming milk, cheese and yogurt. With calcium, include phosphorous and magnesium rich diet also to aid calcium functions.

3. Fat soluble vitamins

Lack of fat soluble vitamins also cause tooth decay. Take diet rich in fat soluble vitamins a, e, k and especially vitamin d. Cod liver oil is great source of vitamin a, d, e. Vitamin k can be acquired from spinach, broccoli, skate liver oil, bone marrow etc. In addition to sunshine, milk, eggs and salmon are also rich in vitamin d.

4. Raw dairy products

Raw dairy products are loaded with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, fat soluble vitamins. We must include raw dairy products in our diet. Raw cheese, butter, milk are the examples of raw dairy foods.

You can also try coconut oil pulling and activated charcoal / dry neem powder to brush your teeth which can prevent cavity naturally.

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