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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

How To Choose A Plastic Surgeon?

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Dr. Ajaya KashyapCosmetic/Plastic Surgeon • 41 Years Exp.American Board of Plastic Surgery, , American Board Of General Surgery, MS - Dermatology, M.B.B.S


I am Dr. Ajaya Kashyap, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon. Today I will talk about how to choose your plastic surgeon or a physician for a cosmetic procedure. The most common way people try to find is a suitable plastic surgeon or aesthetic surgeon or a dermatologist is by going on to the net. So, the person who gets promoted online, they work hard to get promoted online or one who has before and after pictures. I think the best way is to proceed is first going on the net preferably finding the surgeon who is there in your area. since you find the surgeon, I will give you a checklist and you can figure out if those surgeons match your needs and for the procedure. The first question you need to ask on the net is the surgeon credentials. Are they certified in the US, UK or in India or wherever they are practicing or have been practicing for?

Now, there is an easy way to check the US qualifications, you can go on American board and medical specialties and see what they are certified in. In India, you can see people who have MCH degrees and you can ask them to show you degrees. And in dermatology, you can see that they are MD in dermatology. Similarly, For UK you can find if they have or the fellow of the college of plastic surgeons and what associations they belong to. There are a lot of association and the biggest association American Society Of Plastic Surgeons where surgeons from all over the world can become members after providing them certain criteria. So, you have to look at the fellowship and membership. You have to look at the qualification and confirm them that they are honest about it. Look at the pictures like before and after, make sure they are not modified and not photoshop the picture.

The next would be actually once you figure out the kind of shortlist the surgeon, you can give them a call and find out how much experience they have, especially for the particular procedure you are looking for? One should not shop around and see the cheapest surgeon or the most expensive surgeon. My request would be not to look at the price as being one of the first criteria, just make sure you get the right physician for your needs. Once you make a plan, meet the surgeon, call the office and make an appointment. Most of the surgeon/physician charges the consultation fee.

Some would do a free consultation and that is obviously to get a little more business. Once you go to the Dr office, make sure you look at the office, see the ambiance and see the staff. And then you will have the basic idea. If you like it, they are respectful, then you go ahead and talk to the surgeon. Ask them about their experience again, ask about any complications they have faced with any patient. Ask them about the complications and re-operation rate are and then you see some before and after pictures. Rhinoplasty will give you a good idea. I offer 3D pictures of rhinoplasty when you tell everyone who is experience with the computer can do nice rhinoplasty on the screen. For eg, if you go for rhinoplasty or body contouring, ask them how many do they do in a month or in a year. And till date how many have they practiced.

Do they know all the new trends in the market about the surgery? Do not get impressed by new laser and equipment, usually, a lot of the equipments have a limited life, half-life. So, always check about the procedure with the Dr and on the net also. Now, if you have a problem which is unique then you have to to the surgeon who has vast experience. If your problem is common if you need liposuction and there is a young surgeon that is the person you may want to go to. If you have a very complex issue or a major procedure like facial rejuvenation or facelift so, you need a more mature surgeon. Age itself does not mean much but experience means a lot. Lastly, you should talk to the surgeon, think and talk to him for his ideas about aesthetics.

And if his ideas match yours then you may decide to go ahead with the procedure. Often time it is a good idea to go for 2nd opinion. But do not get impressed by the people who are not truthful, people who show more than they can deliver. Make sure you choose a surgeon with whom you are comfortable and you can be with Dr for a few months or years. Most of the surgeons will offer some of the corrections and you should ask them about the policy, re-operation surgery, charges for your operation surgery. Once you are comfortable, go ahead and get the procedure done.

Thank You.

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