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How Is Laser Beneficial For The Skin?

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Dermatologist, Delhi  •  27years experience
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Hello friends,

I am Dr. Amit Luthra from Ishira Skin Clinic, Delhi. I am here to talk about lasers on skin, when we say lasers there's a whole battery of lasers that are available starting from the laser for hair removal, laser for taking away hyperpigmentation of the skin, lasers to take away the scars, so when you have to really use lasers you should go to a trained personnel, a trained doctor who can give you proper results and guide you as to how you should go about doing the treatment and what are the instructions post the treatment.

So when we talk about laser hair removal, we are talking about removing hair from the face or the body up to a certain extent, remember this is laser hair reduction and not removal. When we talk about the laser for hyperpigmentation we are talking about reducing the skin color or reducing the hyperpigmented spots so that they are manageable in your day to day setting and when we are talking about acne scars or other scars on the face or the body we are talking about a laser which can smoothen out those scars up to a certain extent so that they're not very visible or they are kind of fairly not visible under makeup.

So when you use your lasers for the skin what you get is good results, there are a lot of doubts whether the lasers can cause any harm, I'm here to dispel those doubts. Lasers are as safe as anything which is available on the planet, but they have to be done by the right hands, in the right settings and with the right parameters.

Thank you.

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