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How Does Virus On Your Hands Lead To Infection in Body?

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How Does Virus On Your Hands Lead To Infection in Body?

Handwashing is an easy way to stay healthy for people of all ages. It requires little effort and time, and it can help you avoid infections such as Hepatitis A and worm infestation. When done correctly and on a regular basis, hand cleaning can help you stay healthy.

Any viruses on your hands can enter your body through mucous membranes in your eyes, nose, or mouth when you rub your eyes or touch your nose or mouth.

Consider how many objects you interact with on a daily basis: doorknobs, elevator buttons, door handles, ATMs, touchscreens, and your cellphone (together with all the surfaces it has touched), to mention a few. If you come into contact with certain surfaces, viruses that may survive on them may be passed to your hands. 

When Do I Need To Wash My Hands?

Even though it is a simple concept, we often feel when and how often we should wash our hands. Here are some situations where a person should wash hands to be safe: 

  • Prior to and following interaction with a sick individual.

  • Post and pre-handling cut, sore, or wound.

  • Whenever they appear to be unclean.

  • After you've used the restroom or changed your diapers.

  • You should prepare food before, during, and after.

  • After sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose.

  • Before you eat.

  • After coming into contact with animals or animal excrement.

  • If you're not sure whether your hands are clean.

Hand washing is an easy and efficient way to keep healthy and prevent sickness. It's easy to do, inexpensive, and only takes 20 seconds of your time. It'll be the most beneficial 20 seconds you'll ever invest in your own health - and the health of those around you.

Is There Any Risk In Washing My Hands Too Frequently?

If you have a lot of cracks in your hands' skin, or if your hands are dry or chapped, limit how often you wash or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Washing your hands too frequently or using these hand sanitizers depletes your hands of healthful oils and microorganisms that help fight germs. Apply moisturizing hand cream or lotion on damp hands to address this problem.


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