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How Can Healing Process Help?

Written and reviewed by
MA Psychology & Traning Counselling, Certificate in Hypnotherapy (CH)
Psychologist, Navi Mumbai  •  25years experience
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I am Ms. Shilpa Venkatesh, Psychologist. I specialize in scientific affirmation and tailor-made meditation. It is a beautiful journey which we all are going through. I have been thankful to all the people who are attached to me and whom I have been helping, healing and go through there journeys. And of course, it is highly benefitted even for me because I have been benefitted by each one of them. Their experience has helped me grow and experience my own experiences. This is my passion to get attached to more and more people and go through their journey. Today I will share a very important topic with you which will change your life dramatically. I am sure all of us have gone through some aches and pains, some issues which could be illness, disease, emotional or just physical. We all tend to call this very normal. But some of them are very acute.

Research so far has shown that all the aches and pains are all psychosomatic venture. So it is very important that we only don't heal our physical body, we go through the healing of our emotional bodies. And most of us lack in this. So, we need to understand, how do we heal our emotions. And this is what I help my clients with. It has been a beautiful journey as I have always been saying and that is because sometimes people come with the same problem. Because of today's lifestyle, everybody wants to be healthy and fit. So, we all take care of our diets. But do we actually take care of our emotions? Are we all emotionally fit? So, this is very important to start being emotionally fit. And it is very easy to exercise but the most important. Being emotionally fit means to start loving yourself. How many of us actually do this? Just do this exercise only for a few days or maybe 7 days.

And you will start seeing that you are progressing physically, financially, individually and spiritually and this is all you require in this world. The basis and the foundation of our life have to be strong. If we are mentally and emotionally fit, we will never have any aches and pains. This is how I use my therapies, my meditations, and affirmations. I am very keen on meeting more and more people and helping the world to be the happier one. We have seen that a lot of children and adults are going through financial pressures, education, stress, sleep disorders, and the list is endless. So, what is it that going to help all of this in the easiest and lucid way? I only use which can be used on a day-to-day basis. This homework has to be done for 7 days or 14 days or 21 days. I am sure that is not the tough one. And yes, I am always in touch with my client, my past clients are like my friends. So, I love getting the feedback from them because it helps evolve in my own journey. So, if there is anybody who would like to get healed or who wants to progress in life they can simply get in touch with me. Take an appointment with me and go through this beautiful journey and make it very comfortable.

Thank You.

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