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Homoeopathy - A best CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicines)

Dr. Keyur Majmundar 91% (27 ratings)
DHMS (Diploma In Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), DIHom (London)
Homeopath, Ahmedabad  •  29 years experience
Homoeopathy - A best CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicines)

With the advent of technology and information, there are more and more information on the internet about everything. Health blogs are filled with many ways to cure every kind of diseases. Most importantly, there is a rapid growth in the aspect of natural substances that can heal the patient or cure them.

What is CAM?
You may have heard or read about the term ‘CAM’ on the internet while scrolling down a health blog, or through health issue related seminars. ‘CAM’ stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicines. In a nutshell, it refers to any sort of medicines or treatments that does not involve itself into the conventional way of treatment or medicines, that is, it stands out of the mainstream system which is also referred to as Western or Allopathic medicine. It can be concluded that there not much of a difference between ‘CAM’ and conventional medicine. It has become a common phenomenon that doctors are recommending natural ways like yoga or meditation to treat diseases. It is believed that once the human mind is under control and is not influenced by any toxic thoughts, it will be easier for the body to cure. Diseases such as anxiety disorders, depression, cardiovascular diseases are some of the examples that can be cured through ‘CAM’.

Homeopathy as ‘CAM’
There are many types of medicines, treatments and techniques under the umbrella of ‘CAM’. Homeopathy is the most important of all.

There are a lot of reasons to justify that:Safe, Gentle and Effective: The homeopathic medicine are made in a special process of dilution and shaking. Thus, most of the other conventional medicine or even herbal medicines are made up of crude substances or chemicals that can be harsh for the body immunity power making the person weak. Those substances can be harmful to many people, including pregnant woman or new-born babies and more. Thus, homeopathy is a safe, gentle and effective medicine because the process of the medicine making is very simple and does not require any crude substances but equally effective.

Say goodbye to Side Effects: Homeopathy medicines contains substances in a very minute amount and none of them is made up of any crude substance. Thus, the patient will not face any side effects unlike any other conventional medicines that comes with side effects. This is one of the most important and effective point to be considered as no one wants annoying side effects while being cured. Makes the body heal itself: The most important point of ‘CAM’ is let the body heal you without much of any external help.

That is where homeopathy plays its role. Conventional medicines uses crude substances to cure you instantly which in result destroys the patient’s immunity system absolutely. Whereas, homeopathy heals the patient in a way that the body of the patient itself plays an important role, it stimulates the body to heal itself. As the body tells us something is wrong by showing the symptoms, in the same way, the body should have the ability to answer its own question, that is should heal itself with a slight push. There are other benefits too that make homeopathy the best ‘CAM’ therapy such as it holds no contraindication with the pharmaceutical medicines and more. 

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