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Hello all!

This is Dr. Nidhi Pandya. I am a practicing homeopath. I have been practicing homeopathy since last 12 years. Today I am going to tell you something about how homeopathy works for paediatric cases. So the science of homeopathy was introduced to the world 200 years ago and till this date, it is widely accepted by the children because of its sweet taste. So the mode of administration of the medicine is very easy in case of homeopathy. So for each & every complain like for example acute diseases like fever cold cough diarrhea, homeopathy is very helpful in such cases as well as chronic cases like asthma some skin diseases. Each & every disease can be treated with homeopathy. So today we are going to talk about how homeopathy works for pediatric cases. Because we prefer less elaborate investigations surgical procedures or hospitalization then how homeopathy works for pediatric cases? So homeopathy is a concept of individualization. We select single medicine for each & every case. For that a homeopath needs to be a keen observer. As soon as child enters into the cabin doctor starts observing how he enters how he behaves how he interacts with the doctor parents the signs & symptoms of the disease.

On the basis of those data, we select single medicine which can take care of each & every complaint. Let me give you an example. So if a child is suffering from burning urination he may complain to the mother & mother will speak out this complaint to the doctor. So generally we advise taking a good amount of water for such a situation. But here the child is thirstless. He is not feeling thirsty at all. So whenever mother will keep running around the child for a glass of water but he will not drink. He is not thirsty so such cases may lead to burning urination & then frequent infections and lead to antibiotics. But in homeopathy such cases we give single medicine on the basis of individualization. And this medicine will restore the disturbance of the health. And the child will start feeling thirsty so he will drink water by himself and in this way the burning urination will be gone.

So the repeated use of antibiotics will be avoided. Similarly, in chronic cases where a child is suffering for considerable duration or repeatedly similar complaints are coming every month or every 2 months here also homeopathy works. And we choose each & every observation about the child from the parents also observation from the past reports history the family history of the disease and we choose single medicine on that basis. We give this medicine for a considerable period of time and in between, we observe the patient how he is responding to that potency repetition of the dose is any nutritional supplement requirement is there like biochemics which we use as a nutritional supplement. How he responds to that treatment so in chronic cases also we give homeopathic medicines for cure and this homeopathic treatment lets say for 6 months or 1 year if this medicine is taking for a duration for a certain duration then the child will be free from that disease. This way homeopathy works for chronic diseases. Then 3rd is genetic disease or some say it is a syndrome child or rare disorder here also homeopathic works very well for such kid. We can improve the quality of such child we can prevent the repeated laboratory investigations we can prevent repeated hospitalization doctor visit, so along with your allopathic treatment, you can go for homeopathy in such cases.

Sometimes it is so called incurable disease but homeopathy can cure those disease. So homeopathy is for each & every child for 1-day old baby to most grown-up child. And medicines are very easy to take. We have to take medicines just below the tongue & child is happy & healthy for the duration. Now let me give you some tips for the growth of the child. So there are 3 things you have to keep into the consideration for normal & better growth of the child. One is food second is regular exercise and 3rd is giving exposure, exposure to the environment. So first is good you have to give your child a balanced diet considering his nature of the activity. Like if he is busy in karate classes he goes to karate classes regularly but you are not considering that fact that he may need some nutrition for his muscles. So he may suffer from some muscle diseases or frequent fatigue syndrome after certain period of time. Secondly is regular exercise. You are giving him a good diet balanced diet but he is living sedentary life within a particular environment in the home only but he is not busy in any activity.

Here also you have to take into consideration that he should live a certain normal healthy life and for that he requires good regular activity, physical activity. Then 3rd is giving exposure to the external environment, in terms of learning in terms of infections. Why I am saying infections because nowadays we see people are using sanitizers and disinfectants everywhere even though it is not required even though it is not advised by the pediatrician. We are limiting our child to certain zone only. What I believe is that we have to give this exposure to the child for each & every area so that he builds immunity against those bacteria in early childhood. This will be helpful for later childhood when actual studies are important. So give your child a good healthy life but for that you need good exposure to each & every environment. Then another is learning environment. So we have to give a good learning environment for the child. Each child is born genius you just have to give in an environment. He can learn by himself. We can introduce the concept of myth at a very early age like even a 3 years old child can understand this concept of myth if you introduce this and then he’ll start learning by himself, he will use this knowledge whenever he is exposed to the world. And he will learn by himself. So these are the 3 points you have to keep in mind for better growth of the child. So today this was all about homeopathy & pediatrics. Hope you liked it and so happy & healthy parenting.

Good day thank you.

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