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Homeopathy: A Personalised Holistic Healthcare Solution

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Dr. Sanjay Sehgal 88% (10 ratings)
MD - Homeopathy, DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), Diploma in Naturopathy
Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi  •  43 years experience
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I am Dr. Sanjay Sehgal. Working as a homeopath over 41 years. The unique method of treating any disease and known as Dr. Sehgal's method. We run a school of thought with the special idea where we train people throughout the world. You must know why you have come to homeopath and what it offers you. In homoeopathy we treat the sick, not the sickness. As a patient, you need to understand what a homeopath has to offer. We never treat the disease. We treat the disease from its root cause.

We don't need to give you 100 of medicines. If you have medicines for headache, that will only work for pain. And the pain is finished. But in holistic homeopathic approach, it gives you power. Examples we have lungs but it supplies oxygen everywhere in the body. So, same approach we use in homeopathic treatment. So, one remedy in homeopath can take care of many problems in the body. But when you have medicines for any single problem, you are totally dependent on that particular medicine. So, never ask in homeopath that do they give the remedy for particular disease. Ask them how that can make you live in good and feel good. How a homeopathic treatment helps you, how is it a holistic approach?

There is the notion in the homeopathy that it is slow, it takes time. So, you need to know that why is it time taking treatment. Why you have to rush to the hospital. Like you have stones in the kidney or some other problem. So, it can be detected in the first go. But what we do. We start killing the pain and name it as a painkiller. We can bother the pain if it is in our control. But if it will go beyond our capacity, we have to deal with that with the treatment. We know our body best. No one knows us better than us. Because I am living with something unique which I have been given.

Homeopathy focus on new things. So, homeopathic give you time how you can actually learn about the things you are suffering from. It is the communication between the 2 people. So, you are equally 50% responsible as a patient. So, after taking the treatment patient realize that what they understand during it and what did they understand about their body. So, this is the personal care which has been given to everyone with their uniqueness. Like a mother who knows the child that what makes him cry. The child has only one expression but mother know everything. Every cry has a different message. So, we put our heart in and give you that special care. We listen to you and understand how we can help you. This is the first session that I wanted to give you how things are done and what should you expect from a homeopath.

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