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I am Dr. Dinesh Chawla practicing homeopath for 37 years. Homeopathy is a unique system of medicines which treats which treats patients with the medicines. It is very specific. Homeopathy does not treat any disease as such but treat the person. If anyone has typhoid fever, so its symptoms are common. But in homeopathy, we don't treat as per the symptoms. Like one person has very much thirst. Either person is thirsty in very small quantity or someone has no thirst. So, all the both of them will get the different medicines depending on their individual body structure and system. So, you have to be very observant of yourself. How do you feel better, what effects you, how emotionally you are affected by the disease, what point aggravates or release your symptoms.

These are considered in treatment. Homeopathy cures the disease. There is the misconception that the treatment takes time. But it is not true. It depends upon the disease itself. And it does not produce any aggravates and side--effects. Another misconception that it increases the disease cost. We treat the disease. When a person has some problem or body reacts to that influence as if you have some problem, you may get cold, sneezing and runny nose.

It is the least important part but if we suppress it by with homeopathic medicines, it goes away but again it gives a throat problem. Again with anti0biotics, it goes to a chest and slowly it may develop asthma. And when we start treating asthma, it will relief but the cold comes again. It is the suppress disease come back. This is not the new disease. It is the suppress disease comes back. It is a very good sign and this is how it gets cured. So always treat yourself and your family with homeopathy. Because it is the only medicine which has no side-effect and which cures completely. You can come to me at my clinic in Green Valley Plaza. Or call me through Lybrate.

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