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Homeopathic Treatment For Oily Skin

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Dr. Inderjeet Nanda 87% (96 ratings)
Homeopathy Doctor, Dehradun  •  33 years experience
Homeopathic Treatment For Oily Skin

When it comes to skin, there are three main categories: oily, normal and dry. As a person ages, their skin may fall under different categories. This categorization is based on the amount of oil secreted by the oil glands in the skin. Oil is essential for healthy skin, but excessive oil production can cause blemishes, acne and a number of other skin problems. Apart from excessive oil secretion, enlarged pores, a shiny yet dull complexion and the presence of blackheads or other such blemishes are commonly seen in cases of oily skin.

Oily skin needs special care as not only does it affect your looks, but it can also worsen puberty and other hormonal imbalances.

Homeopathy is the system of medicine in which ailments are treated by minimal doses of natural substances. It attacks and cures the root cause of the ailment without causing side effects. To deal with skin disease, it not only studies the skin type but also takes into account a complete analysis of the mind, genetic factors and the condition of the immune system. Homeopathy just doesn’t treat the symptoms, but delves inside the body and takes on the root cause behind the symptoms.

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medication that has negligible side effects and is effective at controlling oily skin and the conditions caused by it. Some of the popular homeopathic remedies used to control oily skin are:

  1. Sulphur: It helps nourish skin and give it a healthy glow while clearing pimples and scars created by them. It is often prescribed in cases where a patient’s skin looks dull or is scaly. Apart from the visible symptoms, personality characteristics that are kept in mind while prescribing sulphur are excessive internal body heat, especially in the palms and soles and an excessive craving for sweets. The patient may also use medicated soaps and ointments injudiciously.

  2. Berberis Aquifolium: This is used in cases where the patient’s skin has significant scarring caused by pimples or acne. It helps lighten the complexion and give the skin an even tone. Berberis Aquifolium also gives the skin a natural glow.

  3. Psorinum: This homeopathic remedy is often prescribed to patients who have oily, greasy skin that gives them a darkened, dirty appearance and triggers acne breakouts. This is most often caused by overactive sebaceous glands on the face. Psorinum helps clear pimples and controls excessive oil secretion. It also deep cleanses pores and lightens skin. Most people who benefit from Psorinum are extra sensitive to cold air and perspire excessively with an offensive odour.

  4. Silicea and Kali Bromatum: These homeopathic remedies are prescribed in cases of dis figurative scarring caused by pimples that contain pus. It also helps smoothen skin in cases where pimples have given skin a pitted appearance. In addition, Kali Bromatum is used to clear hard indurated pimples and to lighten skin that has darkened due to acne breakouts.  

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