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Homeopathic Treatment And Its Benefits

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MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD CHEST MEDICINE
Homeopathy Doctor, Mumbai  •  37years experience
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Hello friends,

I am Dr. Jaswant Patil. I have done my MD chest in allopathy from Seth GS Medical College and Hospital, Parel, Mumbai and BHMS Homeopathy from Maharashtra health University, Chamunda Mata College from jalgaon and I have studied 117 alternative science to know more about the science, to explore by which I can help my patients to come to the health from the severe diseases they are suffering from. Allopathy has got its own limitations, both allopathy and homoeopathy have got their own pros and cons. I take all the good part of allopathy, the diagnostics part, the prognostic part and understanding the basic human anatomy and physiology of the diseases, pathology of the diseases that have helped me in prescribing the homoeopathy medical science.

Now I practice mostly homoeopathy where 10% cases where we cannot go without allopathy they are practiced allopathy in conjunction with homeopathy; there is a big confusion that both can go together or not but if you are properly combining the cases where there is no choice left and they are irreversible cases the combination of both works very well but where there is a reversible case I prefer only homeopathy because it cures of the root and gives the concrete results to stay healthy with energy, with happiness and good mood all throughout your life, if it has been properly prescribed. To come to a conclusion that why I came from allopathy to homeopathy based on this theory: my mother was suffering very badly from chronic diseases diabetes, hypertension, diabetic complications and lung disease, cardiovascular diseases with renal failure and we were trying already hard.

I had my own nursing home of 20 beds at Jalgaon and with that I found that one day she was serious, I admitted her to my ICU and there it was seen that she is not recovering, she is going into multi-organ failure and she was not responding and we have given all types of allopathic treatment, I had an experience of working in IRCU, ICCU, IMCU, ITCU and ICU so with all that vast experience I was feeling helpless that I cannot save my mother and I was seeing that I am losing her and shortly in a span of few hours I may lose her that time got panicky and I prayed God that give me some way, find out some way for my mother and luckily I came across a homeopathic book gifted by my homeopathic friend and he said homeopathy is good but it never applied to my allopathic mind that the homeopathy can be given in this way. So that was a situation where I was trapped, I opened up a book and luckily the medicine that came in front of me was exactly fitting my mother's clinical condition and one dose of that rside200 has done magic in her life. 24 hours she was settled down, 48 hours all the gadgets were out and 72 hours she was out from ICU moving around, taking food like a normal person.

It was unbelievable that I have seen so many patients suffering in ICU when I had worked and this was a magical result. That inspired me to turn towards homeopathy. Then I learned all the books and then I took a regular admission to a college, I got my BHMS degree and I am practicing on chronic diseases. But even in some cases where there are limitations even to our homeopathy, I found out that I must explore more and more science like I got experience in homeopathy so I explored almost all alternative sciences and I found even acupuncture works very well because it gives a prompt relief, on the spot on the bed from the pain and combination of all these things together in intractable cases not in the simple, simple cases I practice classical homeopathy where you give single remedy, single-dose and you see the results, repetitions are required that time and they are done along with complementary and follows well medicine. So this all experience together has given me a new insight of combining all the sciences where they are required, where they are not required homeopathy is the best.

Thank you!

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