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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Homeopathic medicine for frequent urination in males

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Dr. Kamlesh ChhabraHomeopathy Doctor • 29 Years Exp.BHMS
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There are a lot of treatment options available to get past this condition of yours and as a patient you will always be looking for medical options that have minimal side effects and maximum positive effect on your condition. So, when you are looking for such medications for the treatment of your problem of frequent urination you can opt for homeopathic medicines.

Some of the most common homeopathic medications for the treatment of this condition are listed below: 

Primary medications: 

  • Chimaphila umbellata: This remedy is usually considered to be very helpful when you are suffering from the condition of enlarged prostate which leads to retention of urine and you have frequent urges of urination. The person suffering from this condition will have a feeling that his balls are getting lodged down to the pelvic floor if he starts to experience pressure in that area, swelling or soreness in that area. These things become much more painful and worse when the person is sitting.

  • Pulsatilla: Some people who are suffering from prostate problems are known to experience discomfort after they have urinated and they may feel pain which may extend to the pelvic area and also into the bladder as well. This condition is known to become much more problematic and bothersome when you are lying on your back. Apart from the pain and the discomfort you may also notice that there is a thick, bland and yellow discharge coming out of your penis. This substance usually proves very effective for those individuals who are very emotional and they need a lot of love and they feel the best, when they are in the open air.

Other possible remedies: 

  • Apis Mellifica: Some people suffering from prostate problems are prone to suffer from problems like experiencing a stinging pain while you are urinating and this pain ought to become much more intense as the final drop of the urine is going to get passed. The discomfort that is experienced, may also involve your bladder as well. When you experience this, you should be taking this as your remedy. The area of your prostate becomes swollen and very sensitive to touch. The condition of the person might get worse when he experiences heat and if he is in a warm room as well. The condition of the person may improve when the person is out in the open air and he is taking a cool bath.
  • Causticum: When you cough or sneeze you suffer from urine loss and you should know that this condition is an indication of the application of this remedy. After the passage of the urine, the person is prone to experiencing pressure or pulsation and this situation is known to be extending from the prostate to the bladder of the person. When you are not experiencing or experiencing a diminished orgasm at the time of sexual pleasure you are recommended to consume this remedy and it is found to be very helpful in such conditions as well.
  • Clematis: When your swollen part of your prostate has affected your urinary passage, that is your urinary passage has become narrower and tighter, then, in this condition you are suggested to take this remedy. In this condition, the person is known to start urinating in a very slow manner, the urine is found to come out in the form of drops instead of stream and later it starts to follow a dribbling pattern. 
  • Lycopodium: If your urine is passing really slowly or if it is slow during its emergence and along with this you also feel pressure in your prostate both during and after the urination is done, so, when you are facing this problem then you are suggested to take this remedy. You may observe that the prostate has become enlarged and it may accompany some other severe problems like impotence. People suffer from various digestive problems which may include bloating and gas and along with this they suffer from energy slump at the later part of the afternoon, so when you suffer from these problems and prostate enlargement you need to take lycopodium as your remedial option. 
  • Staphysagria: When a person is experiencing burning pain in the urine passage and this pain is felt even at that time too when the urine is not flowing and along with this problem you are also suffering from urine retention problem, then, in such conditions which are troublesome, you are suggested to take this as remedy for your problem. The most effective response of this medicine is usually seen or observed in those men who are usually very romantic and sentimental and who are suffering from a medical condition called impotence (this condition usually arises because of shyness).
  • Sabal Serrulata: When you are having a frequent urge of urination at the nighttime, along with this you find it very difficult to pass urine as well and you are noticing or experiencing coldness in your sexual organs, so when you are experiencing such problems or situations you are suggested to opt for this particular remedy. This remedy is also brought under application for several other low potent problems like urinary incontinence in the case of older men. This remedy is obtained from saw palmetto which itself is used as a herbal extract for various prostate problems similar to this one.
  • Thuja: When you notice that your prostate has become enlarged and you are experiencing a frequent urge of going to the washroom for urination and this frequent urge is accompanied by burning or cutting pain that is felt near the neck of your bladder, in such conditions you are suggested to take this remedy to get relief. You are prone to experience a dribbling sensation or effect after the urine has passed through completely. You may also experience a divided or forked urine stream at various different times and when you experience this condition you should understand that you are in grave need of this particular remedy.


This condition of frequent urination can become problematic and lead you to suffer from severe consequences and conditions like impotence, so to stay fit and away from any kind of problem you are suggested to treat this problem as soon as possible and if you want to have no or very less side effect for the treatment of this condition you are suggested to follow a homeopathic approach for the treatment. 

But, before you start taking any kind of treatment or remedy that are mentioned above you are required to consult with your doctor about the problem you are experiencing and get it properly diagnosed and you should discuss the remedies you should follow as well.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!

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