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Last Updated: May 11, 2023

Home remedies for tonsils

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Dr. Rushalli NairAyurvedic Doctor • 21 Years Exp.MD
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Tonsillitis is considered as a condition which arises when your tonsils get infected. This condition arises due to infection which is caused either by a bacteria or a virus. There are so many symptoms or signs that develop and start to appear after you are infected by the bacteria or disease and some of the basic and general symptoms of this infection are listed below: 

  • Pain in the ear
  • You tonsils become swollen or inflamed
  • Your body temperature rises which means you have fever
  • Your breath becomes bad
  • You have a sore throat
  • Your voice turned hoarse
  • You face or experience pain while you are swallowing food or anything else

When the cause of the infection is a virus which means that you have a viral infection on your tonsils then it is more likely to go on its own and if the infection is caused by a bacteria which means you have a bacterial infection on your tonsils then you will be required to have an antibiotic. Treatment of this problem can also focus on relieving you of the symptoms of this condition of tonsillitis so you will be given certain NSAIDs for example ibuprofen that will help you get past the pain and inflammation caused by this condition.

Apart from certain medications and medical treatment options you can also look into various home remedies that can help you to effectively treat and reduce the symptoms caused by tonsillitis. Some useful and beneficial home remedies are mentioned below: 

  • Salt water gargling: You should rinse and gargle your throat with warm salt water as this will help you to soothe your problem of sore throat and relieves you of the pain that is caused by this condition of tonsillitis. It can help you in the reduction of inflammation and that may also help you to treat the infection effectively. You will be required half a teaspoon of salt in almost four ounces of warm water, stir the solution until the salt in the glass has completely dissolved in it, then gargle and swish this solution through the mouth for few seconds and then you should spit it out of your mouth and after doing this you can rinse your mouth with normal water.
  • Licorice lozenges: This substance will help you soothe the throat but all the people do not have same kind of throat, some of the lozenges have an ingredient that acts as a natural anti inflammatory property or there are ingredients present in it that will help you to get relief from the pain on their own and lozenges contain a substance or ingredient which is licorice which is found to have a very effective and strong anti-inflammatory properties which does both the works which are it soothes the swelling and the discomfort that is imparted to the tonsils and the throat because of this condition of tonsillitis. This substance is prohibited to be taken by children as this poses a risk of choking them and instead of this you can opt for throat sprays which are considered a much better option for the treatment of tonsillitis in the case of children and when you are unsure just call your child's pediatrician.
  • Warm tea and raw honey: You are suggested to take warm beverages that can help you to reduce the discomfort that has occurred because of the cause of this problem of tonsillitis. Raw honey is often added to the tea and found to have very strong antibacterial properties and this may help you to treat the infections which are caused because of tonsillitis in a significant manner. You should drink warm tea instead of hot tea and stir the honey in it until it gets completely dissolved, majority of the tea are found to have a strengthening effect on this particular home remedy and if you want to consider an example you can take ginger tea, this acts a great anti-inflammatory and the same property is possessed by fennel tea that is also helpful in the reduction of discomfort and inflammation.
  • Popsicles and ice chips: Cold things are found to be really effective in the treatment of pain, swelling and inflammation and they usually accompany the condition of tonsillitis. You can take frozen drinks like ICEEs, popsicles, and frozen food like ice cream and they are generally found to be very helpful in the case of children who are unable to opt or go for any other kind of home remedy in a safe and effective manner. In case of older children and adults they can try sucking ice chips which will relieve them of this problem.
  • Humidifiers: They are found to have a relieving effect on your problem of sore throat, when the humidifier makes the air around itself dry or when you are experiencing a condition of dry mouth which happens as a result of the condition of tonsillitis. The dry air is known to be very irritating to the throat and the humidifier can help you to soothe the discomfort created in the tonsils and the throat as it adds moisture back into the air. Cool and misty air is found to be very beneficial and it is more helpful in cases where the cause of the problem is a virus and to make the air cool and misty you can buy a cool-mist humidifier.

You should keep your humidifier on as long as it is needed and you should keep this one especially at the time of night until this condition has completely subsided and if you do not have this humidifier and still want to get relief from this problem in a quick manner then, you can sit in a room that is filed with steam because of the shower which can provide humidity to your throat and helps a lot in the reduction of the symptoms.


This condition of tonsillitis is found to be occurring at any age throughout the lifetime of a person but it is found to be very less common in the case of adults. You can find this condition happening to children more commonly and they should receive the treatment for the condition in time. You can opt for so many home remedies such as humidifiers, hot liquids, soups, etc that can provide a relieving effect from the symptoms and signs of a sore tonsillitis or throat and this also helps you to fight the infection off. But, when this condition is not improved significantly because of the home remedies and you are still going through pain which is interrupting your everyday work then you should visit a doctor immediately.

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