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High Blood Pressure And Kidney Disease

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Nephrologist, Mumbai  •  41years experience
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I am Dr. Bharat V Shah, Nephrologist. Today I will talk about high blood pressure. Our body needs adequate blood to function. It depends how heart pumps blood into the body. The pressure by which heart pump the blood and distributed to the whole body is called as blood pressure. If blood pressure is high, it will effect all parts of the body. And in low pressure it won't be able to supply the blood in all parts of the body. I will tell you about high blood pressure.

The normal blood pressure should be about 120-130 systolic and 80-85 diastolic blood pressure. If blood pressure is above 130 systolic and above 85 diastolic then it is called pre-hypertension. And if it is above 140/90 then it is called hypertension. What are the risk factors for hypertension. High salt intake increases the risk factor for high blood pressure. Smoking, alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise, diabetes are all risk factors for high blood pressure. Many people have no symptom of high blood pressure. People tend to ignore also. When blood pressure is high for the long time, blood vessels gradually gets narrow due to atherosclerosis. 40% of the Indian population have high blood pressure problem. When it remains uncontrolled for longer time, it generates kidney diseases.

So, control of blood pressure is important to prevent kidney and other diseases.

Thank You.

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