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Last Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Hepatitis: Some Ways To Prevent Yourself

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Dr. Manish K GuptaGeneral Surgeon • 25 Years Exp.F.I.A.G.E.S , MNAMS (Membership of The National Academy) (General Surgery), DNB (General Surgery), MBBS, FALS
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All types of viral hepatitis diseases are contagious and they can be transmitted from one person to another easily. Although, the modes of transmission may vary.

Experts recommend some preventive steps for every type of infection to lower your risk of acquiring or spreading hepatitis infection.

Here are some preventive measures that may help in preventing the infection:


Vaccines for hepatitis A and hepatitis B are the best ways to prevent these viruses. Vaccines are not for all types of hepatitis infections. However, hepatitis A vaccination can help prevent the infection caused by the hepatitis A virus. The hepatitis A vaccine is generally administered in 2 doses. Similarly, there are vaccines available for hepatitis B as well. It is administered within 6 months duration. The same vaccine is helpful to prevent hepatitis D as well. There are no vaccines for hepatitis C and hepatitis E currently.


Reducing exposure:

Hepatitis diseases can be transmitted through bodily fluids, water, and food containing the infection. One can lower the risk of contamination by minimizing contact with these agents. Practicing proper and good hygiene is a way to avoid getting hepatitis through these mediums.

You can decrease your risk of coming in touch with fluids containing these viruses by avoiding:

  • Sharing used needles and razors

  • Using someone else’s toothbrush

  • Touching spilled blood

  • Not using condoms and dental dams during sexual contact



One must trust in personal hygiene to lower the risk of spreading or acquiring the hepatitis virus. Here are some preventive steps you can follow by washing hands:

  • Washing your hands thoroughly after accessing the restroom

  • When you get in touch with an infected person's blood, or stool

  • After daycare routine for caretakers

  • After a diaper change, and before serving food.


Avoiding contaminated consumption:

Contaminated or infected food and water may become the primary causes of hepatitis infection. One should take these precautions to avoid any contaminated consumption of food or water:

  • Avoid eating raw shellfish

  • Beware of fruits that have been washed in contaminated water

  • Avoiding unhygienic street vendors

  • Use bottled water for brushing or oral cleaning in areas where clean water is not available

  • Bringing the water to a 1-minute boil is a must in doubtful areas

  • Heated food to be eaten right away


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