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Heart Disease - How To Reverse And Prevent It Naturally?

Written and reviewed by
Dr.Rahul Gupta 91% (10ratings)
MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, Fellow European Society of Cardiology
Cardiologist, Navi Mumbai  •  21years experience
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Hi friends,

I am Dr. Rahul Gupta. So today the topic of discussion is reversal and prevention of heart disease through natural ways. Now we all know as the blocks become severe in the heart, the blood supply to the heart blood vessels, heart muscles decreases because of which a person can get a variety of symptoms like heaviness in the chest, burning in the chest, choking in the throat, pain in the jaw, breathlessness and extreme tiredness which comes on exertion and goes away with rest. Now there are multiple ways of treating the blockages so the most aggressive way is the bypass surgery, which is open-heart surgery. The lesser aggressive way is the angioplasty, but we also have ways of preventing and treating these heart diseases in a natural way. I have been promoting a 6E concept, which if followed properly can actually reverse heart disease. So the first E is about exercising and you have to follow kinds of exercise.

First one is the cardiovascular exercise which you do 30-40 minutes every day for at least 5 days a week like jogging, running, cycling, walking whatever suits you better. Second part of the exercise is your stretching exercise so you rotate, twist and turn all your body parts in to and fro manner so the joints are oiled well. Third part is toning so you tone all your large muscles like chest, back, thighs, biceps, triceps by using your own body weight or by using the weights in the gym. The second E is your eating habits. There are 3 things in the eating which you have to take care of. First is eat healthily, so anything which is less oily, less sugary, less salty, more of fruits, vegetables or whole fruits or whole grain products are more healthy. Second is you should eat timely in a correct proportion so breakfast should be early and high in proportion, lunch should be a little lesser and dinner should be early and the least of the proportion, then you should also eat in a peaceful way, when you are eating you should completely enjoy your food, not looking TV, talking on the phone and you should avoid that.

Third E is exit your addiction so when you exit your addictions like smoking tobacco, excess alcohol intake your cardiovascular system starts improving, passive smoking is equally dangerous so when you are in the vicinity of a smoker you are actually passively smoking and harming your body so avoid it. Fourth E is your emotional health. You should see how emotionally you are feeling, if you are feeling positive, happy, optimistic that means you are on the right track, while you are feeling negative or you are in a negative set of emotions then you are harming your cardiovascular system because the inner-cell lining endothelium gets damaged whenever you are in negative emotions which are a fertile ground for the development of blockages so be in a happy and optimistic mind. The fifth E is enough good quality sleep. So you should sleep for 6-8 hours every night and you should have a good quality of sleep, which means when you wake up you should feel fresh, those people who are not feeling fresh even after sleeping 6-8 hours they should look back and ask their other relatives whether they snore alot, if they are snoring they should consult a sleep specialist.

Similarly, sleep hygiene in the night has to be good. Sixth E is evaluating your numbers regularly. By numbers I mean, your risk factors number like your cholesterol number, sugars number, blood pressure number, weight numbers because all these risk factors are like silent killers, they will be there in the body, damaging the body and you do not come to know it unless you check it. So we need to counteract all these heart disease problems in a holistic way, so we at Cardium has developed a very holistic program and Dr. Pooja who is the director of this program will explain to you in a better way of how to deal in a holistic way to reverse your heart disease naturally so over to Dr. Pooja.

Hi everyone,

I am Dr. Pooja and as Dr. Rahul has told you about the holistic heart program at the Cardium, I will go into the details of it so here at Cardium, we follow a holistic heart program which is for everyone, right from anyone who has undergone angioplasty, bypass or is on medicines. As a part of the therapy, we are giving counterpulsation therapy, which is a US FDA approved therapy. In this, we give you 35 sessions, 6 days a week, 1 hour every day. It helps to naturally boost up your cardiovascular system, it helps to make natural bypasses and it improves the endothelial lining of your arteries because if the endothelium is damaged that is the precursor for any damages. The second thing that we give you is whole food plant-based diet which is also scientifically proven to reverse any chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and also we are offering you some physiotherapy sessions.

We tailor the whole therapy according to the patient’s need and we tailor, titrate your medicines along the program so that we get the best outcomes, so we at Cardium believe that every heart deserves the best and this holistic heart approach has given us very good outcomes with all our patients and I hope this awareness session has enriched your knowledge about how to reverse heart disease naturally and I hope this goes out in society at large and it benefits everyone. Thank you.

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