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Hair Transplant

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MBBS, MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Mumbai  •  11years experience
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I am Dr. Abhishek Pilani, Dermatologist in Mumbai. Today I will talk about hair transplant. This is the major content over here. Basically, hair transplant where we extract the follicle from the donor area and implant over the bald patches wherever it is required. It is the permanent solution for the person without any maintenance for a very long period. There are different techniques practices as a hair transplant.

People all across the globe follow major 2 techniques, FUE and FUT. FUT is an old school technique. We normally restrict ourself from practicing that. Reasons are 3 major drawbacks. One is that we have to take out the skin from the donor area which gives the permanent scar after the stitching. It damages the area permanently. Stretching of the skin can also give the headache. FUE is a much-advanced technology where follicles are extracted from the donor area randomly. The punch size is used is the major concern which is done by an experienced and a qualified Doctor. We can extract a good amount of follicles from that area and do the implantation. Again for the implantation, multiple techniques are used like slit and DHI techniques.

If it is done by a qualified person then it is good enough. It gives good density and volume. Majorly we are doing an ultra density hair transplant like giving 65-70 follicles which increases the volume also. For do's and don'ts, there are no major restrictions. There is no such kind of things that the patient cannot enroll for the transplant. The major thing I would like to confirm here is that it should be done by a qualified doctor only. There are people all across India and outside also where they claim themselves as a trichologist or some different degree-holding from the different country which doesn't have any value over here. We should always cross-check all such things.

How is it done? Whether the clinic is eligible? There are many clinics where homeopaths, dentist are doing the procedure just to have a cost cutting factor. But this should not happen. Lastly, if done properly under proper guidance and with a qualified Doctor, the result is 100% natural and permanent and gives you a head full of hair.

Thank You.

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