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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Hair Removal Procedure - Know More About It!

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Dr. Ajay HaryaniCosmetic/Plastic Surgeon • 47 Years Exp.MS - Plastic Surgeon, MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery



I'm going to show you the procedure of doing a hair removal treatment in this particular patient we are doing it purely for aesthetic purposes, it's an area underarms where the hair growth is always present in this patient there is a hair growth and there is a pigmentation as well so we not only want to reduce the hair growth but we want to reduce the pigmentation as well. Now the technology, there are various technologies available. The technology that we are going to use is a diode laser. Diode is an 810 nanometer wavelength and it can be used in a different mode, it can be used in a stamping mode or it can be used in an in-motion mode, so we are going to do in-motion mode.

I'm just going to show this particular procedure and then we'll continue to discuss. The patient is able to tolerate this particular treatment without any issue and the parameters can be set. We can increase or decrease the pulse duration, we can increase or decrease the power that is used and at the same time because of the technology that is used a diode in-motion, we can increase or decrease the frequency of the number of shorts that is being fired for a minute. Classically the patient needs to come for this treatment once every month for about four sessions or so and after four sessions are over then we tell the patient to come as per the growth that is present. I'll just see if there is any erythema or induration that is immediately we see and then we ask the patient to start cooling this area.

Now the power adjustment is done as per the patient's compliance at the same time because there is a pigmentation here we would start with a little low-power as the treatment goes on the hair count goes, then we are in a position to increase the power so the effect of the laser then would be better. We just demonstrated the laser treatment for unwanted hair from a given area with the help of a diode laser. We have another technology in which if the hair is very thick, they are very deep and in a given area then another treatment works better in those cases, that is a very fast treatment it can be used for the unwanted hair or the patient is very hairy and wants those hairs to be removed from either extremities or from the body.

Similarly, we have a variety of lasers at our Center. We have lasers for birthmarks, we have lasers and radiofrequency for scar treatment and we have a high-intense focused ultrasound, the HIFU technology for the face rejuvenation as well so these various technologies, we have about 18 to 20 technologies and then they are used for different applications with a very good effective results. The variety of lasers that we have, we have a q-switch laser in different wavelength of 1064, 694 and 532 for the treatment of congenital birth marks either black colored or a brown colored.

It can also be used for removal of a tattoo where the tattoo can almost I would say 95% to 100% can be removed. We have another laser which is called pulsed dye laser, the V beam technology, now this technology is very widely used for the birthmarks like a port-wine stain or hemangioma and unfortunately in the whole country there are about three or four pulsed dye lasers which are present and we get the patients from all over the country who are coming for the treatment, they need to come about six to eight times or so, but then at the end of it the patient gets an excellent benefit and reversal of this particular birthmark that they are born with.

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