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Hair Related Problem

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Dr.Lipy Gupta 89% (80ratings)
MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  16years experience
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Hi! I am Dr Lipy Gupta, Dermatologist. Today I will talk about hair related problems. Head full of hair everyone wants. A lot of patients complaint of hair fall. So, what can cause hair fall? This can include thyroid, Anemia deficiency, stress, hormonal changes, PCOS. Hair straightening, colouring also may lead to the hair fall. It can also happen after childbirth. Hair fall is associated with genetic. Other causes can be an infection on the scalp, autoimmune condition. Bald patches also come on the head. Losing hair up to 100-150 is normal.

Why is hair fall so seasonal? Sudden change in season cause hair fall. What can be the diet to take to reduce hair fall? A balanced and healthy diet is important. A diet which contains a good amount of B12, folic acid, protein, omega 3 prevents hair fall. Sudden dieting can also cause hair to fall. What can be done to maintain healthy hair? Eat good food and avoid all unhealthy diet. Do regular exercise. Reduce your stress level with the help of yoga and meditation. We take the complete history of the patient to help in getting rid of hair fall. We do a few tests and investigations. We prescribe oral and application medicines to the patient. We give biotin and vitamin supplications. After that, we have more follicles in the growing stage. Now we have a few procedures like PRP, mesotherapy.

Today I will tell you about PRP. We use energy and the strength of in PRP which we inject in the scalp after the blood is withdrawn from the patient. For best results, we use biotin containing tubes. We use the numbing cream on the patient's scalp so that the patient will not get the pain. We inject the same in the patient's scalp and then we spread with the derma roller. It helps in blood circulation. It is a simple procedure and its timings are 60-90 minutes. This procedure is performed once every month which will be continued for 3-4 months to see the visible results. The result will take around 2-3 weeks. We will see the reduction in hair fall and improvement in hair growth. If you have any queries, consult me through Thank You.

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