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Hair Fall And Its Treatments

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MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  11years experience
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Hi! I am Dr Gunjan Agarwal. Today I will be discussing hair fall. Now, what are the causes of hair fall? It includes stress, some deficiencies, hormonal imbalance and hereditary. What is the treatment for hair loss? There are four kinds of treatment. First is medicinal, second is PRP, third is Mesotherapy and fourth is a hair transplant. First, we will discuss the medicinal treatment. Medicinal treatment includes Biotin treatment. Apart from biotin treatment, there are many other trace substances which are required for perfect hair growth. So, we preferably give a cocktail of multiple vitamin minerals and some trace elements and apart from that, we have some topical medication as well. This includes minoxidil, a US FDA approved the drug for hair loss and it has to be given with some amino peptides or with some other drug to prevent side effects from minoxidil. It includes sub follicular fibrosis and withdrawal side effects. The moment you stop applying minoxidil, pre-treatment conditions arises.

So, minoxidil has to be given with some amino peptides and other drugs. The second option is the PRP. PRP is we take out 10 ml of blood from the patient and extract blood factors, growth factors out of the blood and directly inject into the patients. Next is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is artificially driven cocktail of multiple nutrients vitamins and minerals. It is artificially given. That is the difference between PRP and mesotherapy. We directly inject that artificial cocktail of multiple ingredients to the patient's follicles. Last is a hair transplant. It includes relocation from the donor area to the recipient area. It has very good results on smooth shiny skin and rests all the treatments are not effective on smooth shiny skin. It has no side effects as you are getting your own hair back and it has no side effect on your brain as well because your brain is under your skull. It is not exposed and we are working on the skin only so it has no side effects and it is a very effective treatment for the patient who has smooth shiny skin and they want their youthful look back. Thank you! I hope this video is helpful.

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