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Last Updated: Apr 04, 2022

Hair Extension - What Are The Various Methods Of It?

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Hair Extensions, also known as hair weaves, is a process of adding length to the human hair. Hair extensions usually tend to be clipped, glued or sewed on to other hair by getting additional human or synthetic hair incorporated into it.

Some of the methods of hair extensions include, clip in extension, fusion method and weaving method.

Before discussing about some of the methods, let us take a closer look at what exactly hair extension is all about:


Hair weaving is utilization of human or artificial hair for getting them integrated with a person’s natural hair. Weaves can assist in changing a person’s appearance for short or long periods of time by having additional hair put to a person’s natural hair or by getting the natural hair covered altogether with either human or synthetic hairpieces.

Weaving of additional human or synthetic pieces of hair can enhance a person’s hair by giving it the required volume, length as well as add colour without getting the chemicals damaged or adopt a totally different hair texture than that of their own.


Tape-In Hair Extensions:

During Tape-In Hair Extensions, the extensions are pre-taped and then they are glued together on both the sides of one’s own hair. In a typical manner, any hairdresser would put in tape-ins for a people as they need to put them in line to the roots and they get applied with a heated tool, which tends to heat the glue up. In addition to it, one needs to remove them and get once again have them reinstalled. In a natural manner, when heat is applied to the roots and followed by application of any adhesive product like tape or glue, hair gets damaged.

Sew-In Hair Weaves or Extensions:

Weave hair gets applied by getting the natural hair braided into a corn row initially and then the extensions have to be attached through the use of a needle and thread and then get threaded through the corn row. Weave hair extensions are mostly used for all those people who have thicker hair purely because of the manner in which they are applied. The weave application is a very lengthy process and is tightly applied that often tends to put a strain on the scalp and hence feel very heavy and uncomfortable.

Fusion Extension:

Fusion hair extensions usually form a bond with the natural hair by the use of different kinds of adhesives like glue. Application of fusion hair extension takes maximum 3-4 hours, which can be applied by hairdressers. This fusion extension is not suitable for all kinds of clients as this process is harmful for the natural hair.

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