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gum disease,treatment and precautions

Dr. Veena Chavan-gawand 91% (183 ratings)
Dentist, Jalgaon  •  10 years experience
gum disease,treatment and precautions
Gums in normal state are pink in colour are firm. The first stage of gum infection is usally indicated by gum bleeding in later stage one may notice reddness in colour swollen gums some may also notice bad odour and bitter taste. The priniple cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene. Presence of tarter calculus or plaque which usually occurs due to improper brushing. Gum diseases are usaually painless in initail stagegs so people tend to overlook problems like bleeding gums and swollen gums. The frist line of treatment is scaling and polishing. Thats is cleaning of teeth and removal of plaque tarter. Some medication topical ointments and use of mouthwash may also be required.
As we say precaution is better than cure so for healthy gums
-practise good oral hygiene
-brush twice daily
-use warm water for gargles
-use a good quality soft toothbrush
-change your brush every 3-4 months
-garlge with warm water after every meal
-avoid junk and sticky food
-visit your dentist every six months.
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