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Guide On Dental Crowns

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Hi friends!

This is Dr.Premendra Goyal. I’m dentist from Mumbai.

Had some of the other time everyone may be directly or indirectly have known about Dental Crown. Now when you visit a dentist every one gives you a choice. This is a crown, this is a crown, and this is a material available and creating to lot of confusion. Mind you be very sure whatever your dentist is suggesting, may it be a 1000 rupees cap or 10,000 rupees cap, may it be a white color or a metal cap. They are not bad for you in any way. The broad choices available for dental crowns are metal crowns; which are something called white metal, they probably look more like steel. Then there are something called as porcelain fused to metal crowns; where a thin metal shell are is covered by ceramic which is a tooth color material which matches your tooth very well. In nowadays we have a something called as zirconia or metal free crowns which are very aesthetic, which look very lifelike your natural teeth. Now as we progress from a simple metal crown to a complicated zirconia crown which are fabricated using advance technology over CAD/CAM, total computerization, the cost factor increases. But so does the cosmetic value, maybe the life and sometimes some companies do offer long-term warranties on those caps. But believe me you start with a metal cap , they may look like steel but by far if you ask me they become the best choice of a cap today, because there are single piece metal casting. But again yes, they have a big drawback of having a steel like color so they are not acceptable today. The second choice as I said Porcelain fused to metal, they are very good they look like life-like again but the only drawback is over a period of time they create a black margin near the gum that is due to the tattooing effect due to the metal inside. Now thirdly you have those metal free zirconia crowns which actually look like your actual teeth. To express them in words is difficult because you need to actually feel them, you need to see, next to your natural teeth you hardly make out the difference. So when going for dental crowns please don’t be confused, go according to your budget and the aesthetic zone which demands what sort of crown you want. But by far be very sure whatever your dentist is suggesting is not going to harm you in any way.

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