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Generosity & Happiness - Is There A Link?

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Generosity & Happiness - Is There A Link?

Have you ever felt the positive vibe of giving? If not, it is time you do that. When you are giving, you are not just benefiting the person whom you are giving, you are also benefiting yourself. The act of giving does come with a sense of fulfilment irrespective of the nature and cost of the gift. Whether you are giving food to the needy or just offering a car ride to a stranded passerby, the act of extending help to others is a mutually benefitting one.

Why is Generosity Good for You?

By being generous the giver derives a sense of satisfaction of having helped a person in need. It has a positive effect on physical and mental health of the giver. It can bring down stress, support physical health, and fight depression. Research has shown that generosity can even increase the lifespan of the person. By giving you also promote new social connections and improve relations. Take a peep at the physical effects of being generous, and you may find a lowering of blood pressure and betterment of heart health. The fact that these are not just figments of the imagination of a hallucinating person, but real findings of studies, lends all the more credence to being generous.

How Does Generosity Affect Happiness?

Kindness begets generosity. Being generous can encourage one to perceive others in a positive light. It helps to foster a sense of community. It is a kind of confidence builder that also helps in fighting hatred towards others. Focusing on what you are giving creates an outward orientation toward society in general. It has the ability to focus our attention away from ourselves, and this is a forerunner of happiness. As long as you are focusing on yourself, one or the other shortcoming in your life is going to bother you. As soon as you focus away from your condition, you feel happy. Generosity helps the giver turn his attention away from the narrow band of his own success, failure, and materialistic achievements. You can turn your attention away from your own inner voice that scrutinizes every move of yours and creates negative feelings towards others. These thoughts also undermine confidence and thereby harm confidence. If you practice generosity, you can stay away from this inner voice. Seeing someone benefiting from your kind gestures can dispel the negative effects of inner voice and boost your happiness and confidence.

How Can a Person be Generous?

Parting with some of your possessions, however miniscule that might be, for the benefit of someone else who may be in dire need of it, is generosity. Whether you offer food to the beggar, a place to stay to the homeless or just a car lift to a stranded old man, you are being generous. What are the Qualities of a Generous Person? A generous person is energetic, optimistic, and does not have any expectation. He is patient and presents with humility. How do you Express Generosity? There are plenty of occasions to be generous. You can start small by giving away just $1 to charitable organisations online. Practice forgoing one of your specific expenses such as going to KFC on Mondays. Divert the money thus saved to charity.

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