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Frozen Shoulder - How To Handle It?

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Hello friends,

Today, I will be talking about the occurrence and the prevention of common childhood infections in this weather. Jo aajkal ka changing season hai usme there are a lot of kids who are coming with gastrointestinal tract infections like diarrhea, vomiting, viral gastroenteritis,bacterial gastroenteritis to iski prevention ke liye aur agar yeh ho jaye to iske cure ke liye hamen ghar mein kya-kya cheezein follow karni chahiye so as to prevent hospitalisation of kids. First and foremost as much as possible hamen 6 month tak the babies should be on breastfeed and no outside food should be introduced because breast milk itself has lot of anti bacterial and protective factors which will protect the child against many diseases including gastrointestinal tract infections. Jo bhi bacche bottle feeding per hote hain unhme mein aisa dekha gaya hai ki diarrhea aur gastrointestinal tract infections bohot common hote hain aur unki gut immunity bhi kam ho jaati hai. Secondly vaccination, rotavirus vaccine is available and recommended for use in children less than 6 month of age and it should be routinely given.

There are two types of vaccines which are available Rotateq and rotarix so any of them has got equal efficacy so this should be given to all kids who are less than 6 months of age kyunki rota viral diarrhoea can actually be very dangerous and can be life threatening if not picked up early and if not treated well. So rotaviral vaccine should be given to all kids to prevent diarrhoea up till two years of age bohot sare aise bache hai jo ki rotaviral bacteria se grahst hote hain unme diarrhea bohot hi severe form mein hota hai, it's a form of secretory diarrhoea hota hai jo ki bilkul watery hota hai aur bache bohot jaldi dehydration mein chale jaate hain. In case a child actually gets diarrhoea then the home remedy that we can do is, the child should be given ORS ad lib that means har ek stool ke baad, har ek motion ke bad ya har ek vomiting ke baad child should be given ORS.

Not all diarrheas warrant antibiotic use, most diarrheas are viral diarrhea jis mein antibiotic use karne se it actually harms the child instead of helping. So a simple ORS with zinc is sufficient and supportive care. The parents and caregivers have to understand ki diarrhea will take two to three days to subside and during that time all that the child needs is supportive management and not necessarily antibiotic. So they have to be patient because medicines which actually stop diarrhoea can be more harmful kyunki diarrhea is a means by which the body is trying to eliminate infection which is there inside the gut, so if we try to stop the loose stools by drugs which stop intestinal motility to us case main that will harm the child, if required the child should be treated with the antibiotic or else the child should be treated ORS and zinc and exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age, rotaviral vaccination and following 6 months of age, a child should be given complimentary feeds along with breast milk. Complementary feeds should include mostly home cooked foods like mashed banana or there are so many things which are available in indian home like suji and daal ka pani and all those should be introduced in the child's meal so that the gut immunity is strengthened.

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