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CT Shoulder Left Plain Test

CT Shoulder Left Plain Test

Physicians will refer the patients to the nearest CT scan center if they suffer from post surgical traumatic pain in the brain or other parts of the body. They even request the patients to take CT Shoulder Left Plain if they suffer from mysteries pain in the shoulder. Millions of individuals who perform strenuous task may get infuriating pain in the shoulder when they lift objects or other heavy item items. If the pain in intolerable the treatment doctor will request his patients to take CT scan to rule out other major problems associated with shoulder pain. Doctors after thorough scrutiny of the CT report will find out the reason behind such pain.

Patients who suffer from pain in the shoulder should choose reputed CT centers which houses state-of-the-art CTs or other famous centers. Computer Tomography (CT) is special x-rays where technicians use computer aided tools while taking scans on the shoulder. These x-rays produce cross-sectional images of the body. Patients should wear loose fittings and remove all the metals like chains, bracelets and bangles. Few people may suffer from contrast reactions and only one in million has these types of reactions. These types of individuals should undergo pretreatment procedures before taking scans. Technicians will inject dye in the vein before taking CTs. People who are readying for CT scans should stay away from foods, drinks and other eatables and fast at least for few hours before the procedure commences.

Patients who suffer from diabetes, blood pressure and injuries may suffer from arthritis in the shoulders caused due to underlying problems. They can rule out blood clots, tumors, infections, inflammation, tears and other such major diseases when they undergo shoulder CT scan. Doctors will change the medicine if there is underlying complications or direct the patients for further tests.

CT scan shoulder procedure will not take that much time. Individuals have to stay in the diagnostic center only for half-an-hour to one hour. Individuals readying for procedure should not wear jewelries and other thick garments. Technicians will insert needle into patient’s arm so that contrast dye can be injected easily into the veins. After this simple procedure he will be directed to CT room where he has to lie on the CT table till the process completes successfully. People who are suffering from dizziness, heaviness and other health discomforts should inform their health status to the technician who will take extra precaution.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.2800-4000 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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