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Foreign Bodies - How They Affect Body System?

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Foreign Bodies - How They Affect Body System?

Just because a person is not suffering from any ailment does not mean that there is no requirement of medical supervision. For example, a person’s ear, nose and throat are those passages of the body, from where maximum amount of organisms enter and exit. There is every possibility that unwanted elements or what is otherwise called a foreign body, may make its way into the system through any of these three body parts. These elements do not cause any necessary reactions in the short-term, but may have possible consequences in the long run.

Fungus is one such external element, which people are not able to see or feel the effect of. If it is allowed to accumulate over the years, it is likely that there may be some sort of hearing impairment and getting this fungus out is a difficult task for the ENT specialist.

Mucus in the nose is another element, which may tend to cause problems in the long run unless it is addressed immediately.  The mouth is, by far, the most susceptible area as far as foreign body intrusions are concerned because it is that part of the body that is used for ingestion.

An ENT specialist usually applies a number of techniques in order to remove such unwanted elements, which may have consequences;

Forceps are most commonly used in situations where the doctor can actually see what is causing the blockage. Water irrigation is one method by means of which a gush of water is used to flush out all the unwanted elements. This is used in a situation when the medical practitioner is not able to access the problem area directly.

Suction catheters are used when the unwanted elements cannot be seen properly and the only way of getting them out is to force them out. Since the exact problem area cannot be seen or identified, using techniques which may be intrusive and harmful can have detrimental outcomes. That is why using a suction to push it all out is the most effective because there is absolutely no harm that can come from air being pushed down.

However, the important thing to keep in mind is that long-term complications can be avoided by periodic trips to the ENT specialist. It’s not necessary that you should have some discomfort or problem in order to pay a visit to the doctor.

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