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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Flat Foot & Diabetic Neuropathy

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Dr. Kavita DhavalikarHomeopathy Doctor • 18 Years Exp.MD - Homeopath, BHMS


Everyone my name is Dr Kavita Dhavalikar and I have my own homeopath clinic in Bandse. Today we will speak about 2 clinical condition related to the foot. First one is flat foot and the second one is diabetic neuropathy. Flat foot it is the most common clinical condition that we see today's era. How to diagnose a flat foot. There are two-three guidelines.

First, there is a loss of arch or there is no arch on the inner aspect of your feet. The second one is you are prone to ankle sprain or your ankle turn inwards and the third thing is your shoes worn out very easily. What are the symptoms of flat foot? Which includes foot pain sole pain there is a history of ankle sprain along with knee pain & low back pain. And to treat the flat foot we have to customize the footwear that we will be talking later.

The second foot condition is diabetic neuropathy. It is a nerve damage due to long-standing diabetes. The symptoms consist of pain, burning type of pain, numbness then there is a crowning sensation in your feet along with there is patient sometimes feel insensitive towards the pain. In these 2 conditions, we customize the footware for the patients. So before the customizing, we perform a test which is called as foot mapping test or foot pressure scan. In this test we do 3 types of testing first one static second is posture and the third is dynamic. In static we ask the patient to stand on the scanner and in dynamic we ask him to walk. In these tests we find out the pressure on standing pressure on like walking along with the gate line and weight bearing of the patient which helps us to customize the footwear according to the patient’s clinical condition. So those who are suffering from following foot conditions such as flat foot knee pain osteoarthritis rhumetoartheritis along with some diabetic foot conditions such as foot ulcers charcoal foot etc can visit our clinic and we can help you in customizing your footware.

Thank you.

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