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Fistula Treatment By Kshar Sutra

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Dr.Suchit Kumar Singh 87% (29ratings)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Gorakhpur  •  10years experience
Fistula Treatment By Kshar Sutra

Anal rectal problem fistula is most common problem at this time. And mostly it is misdiagnosed and people get operated as rectal access.
Most common feature are a boil around anus, pus supurating boil near anus. Musilaginous white or watery discharge near anus. Wet feeling always near anus. Painful protuted boil near anus. Sometimes anorectal abcess.

Now we have to to whom should I contact for this very problem.
First people should go for ayurvedic kshar sutra practitioner who is best for it's cure. Because fistula treatment by other surgical methods or medication, are very recurrent in nature. They again come with same symptoms. In a week, months, years.

And when we treat it with kshar sutra it is 100percent treated. Never comes again. And this kshar sutra method never injure the muscular rings of the anal canal and very safe method. Thanks

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