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First Time Mothers - Things You Should Take Care Of!

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First Time Mothers - Things You Should Take Care Of!

When you become a mother for the first time it is a completely new experience which may often leave you feeling exhausted and wondering whether all the things are being done right. First time motherhood is a beautiful as well as a harrowing experience at the same time. Although there are many important things to keep in mind, you can keep the responsibilities simple and streamlined in order to remember them.

Some of these are mentioned below

  1. Properly handling your baby – New mothers tend to be very careful anyway with their new born children. However, first time inexperience may cause harm to your baby inadvertently. Some of the things you need to be careful about while handling you baby are
    • Supporting and cradling the head and neck of your baby, especially while handling them is very important.
    • When you handle your baby, be careful enough to ensure that you don’t shake or jerk them too hard. Always be very mindful of the fragility of your baby’s body.
    • Keeping your hands clean every time before you handle your baby is extremely important.
    • Keep a hand sanitizer handy for this reason. Also, if you have to attend to your baby in the middle of house chores, such as kitchen work, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and wipe clean before handling your baby.
  2. Perfecting your breast feeding technique is very important – One of the more important things to consider is getting attuned to your lactation cycles; either storing the excess milk for later or ensuring your baby is fed properly according to your cycles as well as his or her demand. Some of the points that need to be kept in mind are

    • It is important to know how to improve and make the best out of your breast milk through improved breast feeding techniques. Thus, visit a lactation consultant who can easily formulate a plan for you and optimize your breast feeding techniques.
    • Although breast milk is very important, some minerals can only be supplied by specialized formulas. The best way to balance between breast milk and formulas and you lactation consultant along with your doctor should be able to give you some pointers.
    • Your breasts will become sore after repeated feeding or suction. It is important to perform warm compress and heat massages to ensure that they don’t hurt.
  3. Soothing your baby – The only way your baby can communicate with you is via sounds such as crying and babbling. Thus soothing and comforting the baby is something which you may already do instinctively, but you may have to fine tune your technique slightly. Some of the things to keep in mind would be –
    • Swaying or swaddling you baby in a way that mimics the coziness of your womb
    • The baby can be kept entertained with sound and lights
    • Keep your baby warm, but not too warm depending on the season. Striking the correct balance is very critical.
    • Try to make the cleaning and changing process enjoyable for your baby by integrating play and fun into it.
  4. Sleep for the mother and the baby – The priority at this point in time is to ensure your baby’s growth and health. Thus, live by the principle that you sleep when your baby sleeps. Ensure that you adjust your routine to get the best results to minimize feeling tired all the time. New mothers tend to lose a lot of sleep and thus have interrupted circadian rhythms that affect their body. It is very important to maintain your mental composure and also be able to focus on your baby better.

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