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Females Related Problem After The Age Of 30

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My name is Dr. Gayatri Juneja. Today I am going to talk about a new concept which I am introducing for the first time in India. This is regarding see we ladies we suffer a lot after the age of 30. In the sense we have a problem of leakage of urine while coughing involuntarily leakage it becomes very embarrassing at times and we feel wet and at times it's very smelly and unhygienic. So there is a new concept which was going on by name of Mona Lisa and feminist all over the world and I am one of the 25 doctors who has been trained under Dr. Alexander Bader by European society of aesthetic gynae to practice the treatment of vaginal rejuvenation and treatments of stress incontinence as we call for leakage of urine.

Leakage of urine and the stress incontinence happen after childbirth where the lady that after what happens I'll just show you; in childbirth like this is a womb, this is a vagina. When the baby comes out of the womb the tissue surrounding the womb, it gets dilated and it gets traumatized and at times it doesn't heal up properly. So, with the time the bladder and everything it comes below its normal level and the lady are not able to control her urine. The la there is a very wonderful treatment which is very good for mild to moderate urine incontinence. It is not surgical. What we do is we give laser treatment and it focuses more on these tissues; it heals up spontaneously because it is a very precise mechanism and it regenerates the tissues like as we age the tissues they age. There is no other way where we can you know to bring back the youth. It is like bringing the youth back into our tissues.

It has been accepted worldwide and it is a very safe treatment. I myself have treated quite a few patients and believe me they are doing wonderfully well. The same treatment we can use for loose vagina as well as rectal incontinence like ladies they pass motions without they don't have the control. It is very good for that also. I have taken training for even your fillers and O-shot and G-shot where the lady can even we ladies have a right to enjoy our sex life. So instead of feeling shy, you should all come forward, ask your gynaecologist, you can come to me also and there are other doctors also available but I have taken training especially for this and you can, you are most welcome to come and approach me for this treatment.

Thank you!

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