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Female Pattern Baldness And Hair Transplant

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Dr.Ashutosh Misra 85% (31ratings)
Fellowship In Cosmetic Surgery, M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Delhi  •  23years experience
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I am Dr. Ashutosh Misra. In today's special education series we will be talking about female pattern of baldness and the role of female hair transplant. Now female pattern of baldness, unlike the male, is more of a diffused pattern or it may be as a broad forehead or in the temple area diffused thinness. The assessment of female pattern baldness is very necessary. It's essential before taking any treatment whether it is because of any medical condition of hormones. Some test has to be done. And if it is because of medical condition then we can treat it with medical therapies. Now if a female complains of a broad forehead and wants aesthetically narrow forehead according to her face, Yes- we need a hair transplant. For hairline, lowering of the headline, increasing the density of the temple area and hair transplant is also required if there is a diffuse pattern but the posterior donor area is good.

Now preferred technique for hair transplant it can be either FUT or FUE. When we require the large number of follicles FUT is the preferred technique because we need not shave the hair, nothing is required, no after transplant signs of the donor area. Yes, if you require less number of grafts we can go over FUE but my preferred technique for female hair Restoration is an FUE technique. Results of hairline Restoration in female or lowering of hairline in the female is very satisfying and permanent. For diffused hair thinning what we recommend is, what we do is we do a strong hairline and at the level of partition we make it more strong so that it gets a very good camouflage. For diffused hair thinning we also recommend to continue medical therapy such as the use of Minoxidil and PRP or mesotherapy for maintenance and the results continue to be good. I'll be sharing some pre and post operating pics of the female hairline and diffused hair thinning so that they can assess how satisfactory the results are. Patient selection is very important. Not all female pattern of baldness do benefit from hair transplant. So consult your doctor properly. Find out whether you are really a good candidate for hair transplant. So that your result expectations are good.

Thank you.

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