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Physiotherapist, Delhi  •  7 years experience
Everyday Back Pain Causes.

It's worth knowing that you will eventually complain of back ache if you are not already whining.

It is primarily because most of us indulge in some everyday activities that are detrimental to our spine health. The good news here is that these reasons can be easily fixed. All you need is some spine tuning. Here's how:

Desk job
Are you sitting too much on your seat? Recent studies have suggested that sitting for longer hours makes you prone to various illnesses. So it is highly recommended that you stand and walk a bit every two hours or so and also engage in some static stretching exercises. If not, take a 30 minutes stroll after your lunch time.

Sleeping on your stomach
Do you have a habit of snoozing on your tummy? It's a clear give away for your back problems as it puts unnecessary pressure on your spine. When you sleep on your side or back, your spine is elongated and neutral. Also, don't use a thick pillow. The perfect-sized pillow should keep your head in line with the spine. This is not it. Your mattress should not be too hard or soft.

Not exercising your core
According to yogacharya, Shelly Khera, a strong core helps us stand difficult situations both physically and mentally. It is where all our energies are housed. And even fitness instructors in the gym have caught fancy to the word 'core, but for all the right reasons - core exercises strengthen your spine.

High heels, bulky bags
Some fashion choices that you make may be harming your back, especially high heels and heavy bags. Not only women, there are men who carry heavy laptop bags on one shoulder, which is a major cause of health issues. What's the fix? If you stand and walk a lot, do not wear heels above 2 inches and the handbag should be less than 10 pounds.
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