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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Easy Tips to Make Your Woman Moan with Pleasure

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Dr. Vijay AbbotSexologist • 50 Years Exp.Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery ( GAMS )
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Engaging in lovemaking is one of the most pleasurable activities that you can experience. However, many couples make the mistake of making coitus mostly about penetration. This only minimizes the sensations that you can get from sex as it is much more than just that. In particular, for women, it is even more important to excite her emotionally and mentally as well as pay attention to all areas of her body. Here are a few tips to make her moan in bed and feel much more pleasurable than following the usual routine.

6 Ways to Make Woman Moan with Pleasure

1. Engage in the dirty talk: This doesn’t mean demeaning her or reducing her to a sex object. Dirty talking means verbally complementing and talking about the act in an engrossing manner with her. For example, if you are going down on her, you can describe her body and complement it and make her feel good about herself, which would definitely increase her pleasure.

2. Give a G- spot orgasm before penetration: Most women cannot get orgasms from penetration or thrusting as they need to have a buildup. Thus, if you can give her a G-spot orgasm by stimulating the area around the first two inches inside the vagina, it would ensure that she stays more turned on and also feels more pleasure. It would also help her to get successive orgasms increasing her pleasure.

3. The breasts are also a primary sexual organ: Female breasts also contain millions of nerve endings which help her feel more pleasure but are often ignored during intercourse. Although it is a great area to stimulate during foreplay, you can also stimulate it during intercourse. This will help her feel more pleasure and also help her to reach climax more easily.

4. Don’t ignore the neck: Women’s skin tends to have more nerve receptors than men and one of the more erogenous layers of skin is on a woman’s neck. You can pleasure her during foreplay and even while having intercourse. Don’t bite or be too hard on her, but keep nibbling to slightly introduce titillation which will keep her high in the throes of passion.

5. Change positions: Women need a variety of sex acts to get fulfilled and thus it is important to change and mix up the various acts that you may engage in. Change from missionary to doggy style to wheelbarrow among others and keep paying attention to the various parts of her body that are being exposed to you in those specific positions. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a sexologist.

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