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Don't Feel Like Working Out? 7 Tricks that will Help You Change Your Mind

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B.P.T, M.P.T
Physiotherapist, Hyderabad  •  16 years experience
Don't Feel Like Working Out? 7 Tricks that will Help You Change Your Mind

Working out is more of a habit than anything else. While making a start is the easy part, continuing it for a longer duration to get effective results is the hard thing. The trick is to have the same amount of motivation and enthusiasm going every day.

Here is a list of tricks that will convince you to follow your workout schedule on a daily basis:

  1. Compete with others: A goal of getting fit by x date may not be the best motivation. Instead, compete with others. Take part in a CrossFit competition or an obstacle race. There are competitions which take money to enrol. Participating in events like this will help you to be more focused in the endeavour to compete with others.
  2. Motivational songs: Songs are a great tonic for people who have just started working out. Get all your favorite songs on your iPod and hit the ground running. Make sure you keep changing songs every alternate day. Listening to the same songs every day while working out can be monotonous.
  3. Put personal stuff on the line: You can keep the money, movie tickets or a basketball to your friend’s place on the condition that if you manage to reach your goals, you will take it back. This will convince you to put your best efforts while working out. People tend to work more when they know that personal belongings are on the line. If you are tech savvy, you can bet on apps such as pact and Both these apps work on similar lines.
  4. Workout for a cause: Self-motivation is a hard thing to achieve. You can sweat for a charity of your choice. This way you feel accountable to a lot of many people who are counting on you. The fear of letting someone down will convince you to workout daily and put your best efforts every day.
  5. Let go of your sleeping clothes: The comfortable pyjamas or the cozy blanket can kill your motivation of getting up early in the morning. One good way to tackle this is to sleep in your workout clothes. This will constantly keep you reminded about the job in hand.
  6. Click pictures: The scale reading of your waist can be deceiving. Click pictures instead and compare them every month. This way you will see a visible result, which in turn will motivate you to give your best.
  7. Let someone monitor you: Working out alone can be boring. Let a friend or an instructor monitor you for the first few months. This way you will be under constant supervision and answerable to someone in case you miss your workout on odd days.

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