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Do You Know Salt Is Only God For Clear Skin?

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Do You Know Salt Is Only God For Clear Skin?
How does salt help in clearing skin?

Of all the health problems current lifestyle poses, one that harasses both men are women, at times even in their 30s, is marks or blemishes on the face. Acne and blemishes have become almost constant features on the skin, all thanks to the irregular eating habits, junk food, alcohol, late nights and of course, pollution. It is one of the lesser known facts that salt helps clear up the skin. Sea salt and epsom salt are the ideal salts to be used. Let us see how.

1. Salt for bathing - adding salt to your bath is advised for physical and spiritual cleansing. After you are done with your usual bath and washed off the soap, have a bath with salt mixed water. This not only clears the complexion overall but also lightens dark marks on the body.
2. Salt for application - two teaspoons of sea salt mixed with water and applied on the face with cotton, three times a day is said to treat the problem of acne. Having the natural ability to reduce moisture, salt does wonders to your skin by drying out the oils. This eliminates chances of pores getting clogged, closes them and increasing bacterial buildup.
3. Salt as a mask - salt when mixed with honey makes a great mask for the skin. Since both the ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, this mask soothes the skin, retains hydration in the skin and balances the oil production. A couple of teaspoons of finely ground sugar, when mixed with double the amount of raw honey, makes a perfect balancing mask for the skin.
4. Salt as toner spray - a teaspoon of sea salt mixed with some warm water in a spray bottle until the salt is dissolved makes for a perfect spray toner. Make sure to avoid the eyes, though.
5. Salt for exfoliation - salt is known to be a skin-exfoliate and is often found in body scrubs. One can also make scrubs at home by mixing together aloe vera juice or gel, salt, oil of your choice, essential oil and dried lavender flowers.

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