Did you know you can be dehydrated in any season?

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Did you know you can be dehydrated in any season?
How to avoid dehydration in any season.

We assume that dehydration to the body happens only in the summer. And it’s not without a reason - Summers in India are so hot; every ounce of water in the body gets used up in the heat. A body gets dehydrated when it doesn't get enough water intake. In summer there is an added factor of more sweating i.e. losing water. Dehydration happens in all seasons and you need to hydrate yourself adequately according to the loss of water.

In winters our skin is dry, we sweat but it doesn't stay on the skin. The body feels dehydrated even if there is a marginal drop in percentage of water in body weight. We need to stay hydrated to digest food properly and for smooth functioning of all organs. When a body is dehydrated, the blood flowing through its veins become thicker and the heart needs to put a lot of effort to pump it. Irrespective of the weather or season, our body loses a minimum of eight cups of water which must be replenished.

2 ways to keep yourself hydrated:

1. Have lots of fruits: Consume more fruits and vegetables which are rich in water content. Even in winters when it is cold and we avoid drinking water instinctively; eating foods with high content of water will help.

2. Take Your Water With You: The most important thing which should be actually a year-round habit - carry your own water bottle around. Refill when needed, but if you have water available to drink, chances are that you will drink more than otherwise.

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