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Last Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Developmental Disabilities - Learn More About Them

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Dr. R K LohiyaOccupational Therapist • 21 Years Exp.Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT), Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT)
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Why Choose Occupational Therapy for Developmental Disabilities?

In this article we will be talking more about Occupational therapy and how it can effectively help those who are suffering from developmental disabilities. Do you know what occupational therapy is? Well, we have discussed it in detail in this article,  so have a look.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is the form of therapy in which a patient is treated so that they can participate in all the everyday activities in life and not let their disabilities hinder their ability from engaging in everyday activities. People from all age groups can be treated with occupational therapy. This kind of therapy helps not only to receive a rejuvenating effect but also improve the life standards of the people who are suffering from different health and mental problems.

Why patients with developmental disabilities should choose occupational therapy?

Patients with developmental disabilities should choose occupational therapy because by undergoing these therapy sessions they will be able to perform their daily tasks and engage in everyday activities. Their disabilities will not anymore be a hindrance for them. Nowadays doctors and therapists use these techniques because they provide a much more calming and gentle treatment to the overall problem which has the ability to solve a mental or health issue naturally.

How are the patients treated?

Occupational therapy helps children with developmental disabilities to participate not only in school but also in all other social activities. The therapy must be spread among everyone so that they can be aware of it and the necessary individuals receive the right treatment.

Adults are also treated so that they can again perform their daily tasks normally. People who suffer from developmental disorders or are recovering from injuries can regain their skills with the help of this therapy.

Before the treatment is started a thorough evaluation is done by the therapist in order to determine what are the goals that the person has to achieve and the treatment is designed accordingly. Custom designed interventions are done so that the person can develop the ability to perform daily tasks and activities on their own. An evaluation is done of the outcome of the therapy in order to determine if the set goals are being reached or not and if necessary what changes should be made to it.

Specialised assessments of the adult clients are done so that it can be determined that what are the specific skill sets that the client has to develop in order to be able to do a job. A lot of different tests are also done beforehand to make sure there are no complications.


People suffering from developmental disabilities should undergo occupational therapy so that they can improve their conditions and live a normal life like everybody else. People from all age groups suffering from developmental disabilities should undergo occupational therapy as it will not only help children to attend schools like regular kids but adults also will be able to live a normal life by doing jobs and engaging in all forms of social activities.