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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2019

Detoxification - How Can Ayurveda Help?

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Dr. Ashwini Vivek MulyeAyurvedic Doctor • 25 Years Exp.Fellowship Course in Panchkarma, BAMS


I am Dr. Ashwini Vivek Mulye, Ayurveda. Today I will talk about ayurvedic detoxification that is panchakarma. You will be knowing many ways for detoxification. But what is said in Ayurveda about detoxification? Why do you need a detox? For eg, daily we clean our house by brooming but in the festival days like Diwali, we do the deep cleaning. Same is with our body. Daily we clean our bowel in the morning but some amount of toxin daily accumulate in the body by whatever for we eat, what we drink, we breathe. To remove all unwanted material from the body is called detoxification. In Ayurveda, there are 5 times of panchakarma: Vaman, virechan, nasya, raktoshan and vasti. They can be done all through the year but there are specific seasons especially during the transition period i.e. rutu sandikaal.

In Feb, March, and April, vaman is best. Which removes the toxins through vomiting. This can be done in hyperacidity, PCOS, gases, and asthma. 2nd is virechan which is best done during the transition period from June to July. This is given for hyperacidity and pitt problems, blood-related disorders, skin disorders. It is good for psoriasis and eczema. All these treatments are done under proper medications. In Ayurveda, Basti is the half treatment. It is a medicated enema. There are various types of vasti, oil vasti, kada vasti, milk, vayetadan vasti. You will be surprised to know, vasti does not only do the cleaning of the body but it is also useful for rejuvenating and removing the toxins and get a lot of anti-oxidants from vasti.

For hair fall, nails, vasti can be given. It can be given for a mentally challenged child. For pimples also, vasti can be given. For infertility, various types of vasti can be given. Vasti routinely can be done for all the patients in the rainy season. The rainy season is the pre-dominance of vatta. If a person is not suffering with any disorder, still he can get the 7 days of vasti course done and lead a healthy life with healthy digestion whole through the year. Nasya is the application of the medicines through the nasal roots. So, nasya has got prime importance again in hormonal disorders, pituitary problems, thyroid, spondylitis, skin, and hair related as well as acne-related problem, sinusitis, rhinitis, all these disorders, you can take nasya. In vaman, the patient has to drink some medicated liquids to remove all the toxins by vomitings. It is best done in the basant rittu. Virechana removes the toxins through loose motions. Vasti is given through the rectal root. It goes through the entire intestine and detoxifies the body.

There is kadha detoxification by which it immediately comes out or within 45 minutes, it completely cleans the system. IT removes all the toxins and once you have taken vasti, your digestion improves. Like how we brush our teeth daily, we can do nasayam. This will give you a lot of benefits with a good memory, physic, sensory organ will be very sharp. Rakhtmoshan is related to blood. Which is done in 2 ways either the application of leech or by the removal of the syringe method. This is specially used in skin diseases like urticaria, joint pains, gout. This is given when the patient is not getting the benefit from any other treatment. Apart from detoxification treatment, shirodhara is also there, snehbasti, mukhlepa for relaxation and improving the glow of the body.

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