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Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy - An Overview!

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Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy - An Overview!

One of the most powerful tools that one can add to his or her restorative arsenal is the Vibrational Therapy. Stress is practically present in all walks of life in the modern world and each one of us can take a little help when it is about promoting relaxation whenever we are feeling tense.

Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy is one such natural way to bring forth a reduction in the level of stress and thus foster inner peace.

Details about the Bowls
The details include:

  1. The frosted crystal bowls are manufactured from 99.99% pure quartz crystal.
  2. Alchemy bowls are made up with a combination of quartz along with sacred metals, gemstones, and minerals. All possess their unique character as well as tone.

How Does Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy Take Effect?
Let us see, exactly how does this therapy take effect:

  1. One important component of a session involving Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy is to create a sense of affirmation from within, which will not only get activated but also magnified by the sounds of the crystal bowls.
  2. Each and every cell and atom present in an individual has their unique resonance through which it vibrates. As and when a stronger sense of vibration comes close to a weaker one, often it gets drawn into it.
  3. Thus the weaker level of frequency starts to vibrate at the stronger rate of vibration. The tissues that remain connected to the nervous system are made up of a crystalline kind of substance and thus it is an excellent medium which is able to conduct the vibration easily.
  4. It is at this level that the Crystal Sound Ball Therapy has its greatest effect. When, through entrainment, a stronger sense of vibration gets drawn into the weaker one, the net effect that comes up is a profound statement when one is relaxed.
  5. The relaxed state of mind comes in through the transformation brought about by this therapy, as different patterns of vibration get synchronized, hence promoting a true sense of inner balance along with intense relaxation.
  6. This state even helps people to easily meditate or even release negative emotions that contribute to one’s stress.

For How Long Does One Play?

  1. The duration of the session goes on somewhere between 40 and 60 minutes.
  2. Just when the session is about to get over, the therapist conducting this particular therapy would take the client through a particular grounding breath technique and then allow some time for complete silence.

Other Techniques Which Therapists Use Along with the Bowls:

Some other techniques include:

  1. Crystal Sound Therapy can get integrated quite with other energetic forms of healing.
  2. Some other forms are:
  3. Shiatsu
  4. Kinesiology
  5. Acupuncture
  6. Massage Aromatherapy
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