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Counselling: When And Why Should You Go For It?

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Mrs. Swapna M Nadgauda 90% (13 ratings)
M A Psychology, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, Post Graduate Diploma in Child Guidance
Psychologist, Navi Mumbai  •  26 years experience
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Hello friends!

My name is Mrs. Swapna Nadgauda, I m a psychologist and a counselor. I am also a hypnotherapist and reaggregation therapist i.e. past life reaggretion that I do. I’m in this field for past 23 years and I have a clinic in Sanpada New Mumbai. The name of my clinic is Healing Touch Counselling Center. I see cases among children, adults.

The services I provide through my clinic is child counseling adult counseling, psychometric testing in IQ, and in personality testing, also I see children those who have remedial issues I mean learning disabilities. I’m also into marital counseling, relationship counseling, pre-marital counseling, stress management and there are a variety of services that my clinic provides. Yeah! Today I would like to tell you or inform you about what is counseling?

We hear the word counseling often from our family and friends is that yes you need counseling but we really don’t know what counseling is and what the experts in the clinical psychologists and counselors what they do in counseling? Counselling is nothing but I would like to tell you in crocks counselling is helping a person to move or shift from his emotion to his thinking and that we called that we empower a person so that in whatever situation that you are in or in a problem that you are in you are able to generate multiple options or solutions. And that is what we do in a session or in a counseling setup.

Let me tell you about relationship counseling. Now relationship may be, be it in a mother and a daughter relationship or be it a relationship of a teacher or a student or relationship in marriage or any relationship outside. So in relationship counseling, we help a person to understand how to build a bond and to build a bond first and the foremost component is about the compatibility. The second component is about the understanding the other person and also understanding yourself.

This all is done through the counseling process. I have helped a client or his patient to understand how to understand self and also to understand the other person. Friends understand counseling is not about the advice given. Many times people asked me counselor will advise, no we don’t advice, basically we helped the person to tap into his own thoughts and emotions and helped the person to generate a powerful solution which can work for his life.

So it is not about the advice that we give but it is about understanding your own self and coming to a solution which will work the best for your life. So for example in marital counselling people come to my husband says that you please you make my wife understand, it is not who I make your wife understand but it is I help the partner to understand what is happening at her or his end where he needs to work in a compatible way to make the relationship work for both of them.

Many times parents come to me with their child or adolescent and they don’t understand how to help their children but I would like to tell here that it is most of the parental counseling because parents have to adjust their own understanding perception’s attitude which should match to the needs of this 21st-century child. So basically it is not about only talking to a child and empowering a child but it is also complete family therapy. Parents need to come and needs to understand what is the best they can work with themselves to adjust or understand the needs of their children.

So friends if you have any issue or if you feel that currently, you have any problem in your life going on be it in a relationship be it with your child be it with your adolescent anything you can contact me and know more about how you can deal with the situation more effectively. You can contact me on lybrate.

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