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Cosmetic Procedure For Breast Enhancement

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Dr.Nishant Chhajer 92% (708ratings)
M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Noida  •  17years experience
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I am Dr. Nishant Chhajer, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Gunjan Clinic, Sri Sai Hospital, NMC Superspeciality Hospital & Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital, Noida. Today I will talk about breasts. We all know breast is very important as dar as female beauty is concerned. It gives more attraction and confidence in the female if they are beautiful and shapely. Now a lot of females have a problem with the shape of the breast and size. Now a cosmetic surgeon can give you a good treatment that can shape up your breast to boost our confidence and attraction. Now, if we see that the breast is lost then a plastic surgeon can offer you mestropacy which will make it more round and firm which adds up to your confidence and attraction. Smaller breast is a matter of concern, especially in younger females.

Elderly females have smaller breasts because of over dieting and maybe because of some other problems. No, we have 2 solutions. Breast implant and breast fat grafting. They give you breast increment and enhancement of shape and size. Fat grafting gives you more good look and feel. Now a cosmetic surgeon can give you a solution for bigger breast which is too large or too heavy. They cause eczema and pain in the neck. It is very difficult to carry such a huge breast.

Now, we have a solution for this breast reduction surgery. We do it in very hidden scars or many a time scars would not be visible. It reduces the shape of the breast. Now as far as we know, the breast is very important in a female body but if they occur in a male, it is very disappointing. Now the confidence is lost in a male, if he takes off his t-shirt or clothes, he cannot swim, he cannot many of the social and sporting activities. A plastic surgeon can give you a good look at liposuction and removal of glands. May patients come and ask whether it can be done with exercising and dieting. Let me tell you, no gym, no exercise, no injection, and medicine can treat breast or gynecomastia. But our plastic surgery can. We remove the fat with invisible scars. It gives you a beautiful male chest.

Thank you.

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