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Chronic Kidney Disease!

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I am Dr. Bharat V Shah, Nephrologist. Today I will talk about chronic kidney disease. What are the common marker for kidney diseases? Urinary abnormality and reduced kidney function refers chronic kidney disease. Urine examination is important. Persistent urine abnormality for more than 3 months is enough to classify that person has kidney disease. If someone is very muscular and eating non-veg food is generation of creatinine will be high.

If you have identified that you have underlying kidney disease, next is to find out that what is the cause of this. If you can identify and it can be treated, one can prevent further worsening of the kidney. And if it cannot be treated, one can take several measures to slow down the rate of progression of kidney disease. The commonest cause of kidney disease in all over the world is diabetes and high blood pressure. other causes of kidney disease is glomerulonephritis (if early managed can slow down the kidney disease progression), kidney stones, hereditary kidney disease. So, there are many possibilities of preventing kidney diseases. A lot has been discussed about protein restriction retarding the progression of kidney disease.

As kidney disease progresses to the advanced stage of kidney disease, there is continuous reduction in the protein intake because the appetite decreases. As appetite decreases, the nutritional level also gets decreased. So, it is important to individualized your diet as it varies from person to person. Never restrict your dietary protein. Chronic kidney disease is a progressive condition. If you are at the kidney disease, you should start planning. Kidney transplant is far better option than dialysis and one can try for kidney transplant if they have a donor in their family member. And if one cannot go for kidney transplantation then they should plan for dialysis. Planning of putting catheter can be avoided with the proper treatment. There is another kidney of dialysis that one should be aware of and that is called as peritoneal dialysis where the catheter is put inside the peritoneal cavity and abdomen. But as We told you, chronic kidney disease when gets advanced to end-stage has limited treatment option. One must try and prevent kidney diseases. And if one has any risk factors like diabetes or high blood pressure or kidney stones, then must work on these diseases to prevent kidney diseases.

Thank You.

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