Childbirth Education Classes

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Hi! Goodmorning, I am Dr.Rekha Thakur and today I shall talk about childbirth education class. These childbirth education class are offered by all the hospitals these days and most of the doctors and these classes are meant for the expecting couples, When in the moms are pregnant with their partners. They come for the classes to educate themselves about the childbirth, delivery,
labor, postpartum care, newborn baby care and breastfeeding. These classes are held in almost all the hospitals. The purpose of this class is to educate the couple and make them confident to enter childbirth confidently and to give a vaginal delivery, and have a very pleasant parenthood.

Now, why these classes are must for all couples these days? There has been a shift our culture and our lifestyle our years. When talk of shifting culture i mean the couple stay in their nuclear family these days, where in the expecting mothers miss out on the opportunity to learn from the experienced elderly women all about labor and delivery. This miss out on that confidence level and the mental prevalence which is must for normal deliveries. Secondly, a shift in a lifestyle we mean the woman are no more use to having their daily household course wherein they swipe the floor, they mope the floor, they use an Indian toilets wherein and as a result the pelvis is no more flexible and the pelvic muscles are not don't for normal vaginal delivery, so these two important factors really affect the normal vaginal delivery so we encourage the education classes wherein we teach them all about exercises and prepare the expecting moms mentally and physically to have vaginal delivery. Now, I have been these classes for last 9 years and in my classes we have various sessions to teach them, to prepare the expecting for mentally preparing them, physically preparing them, we teach them all exercise, we teach them all about pregnancy daily axons pains, all different strategy which helps them to delivered vaginally. They learned all about newborn baby care, how to hold the baby? How to take part to the baby? How to wrap the baby? How to swaddle a baby? How to calm down a baby? How to stop crying a baby? And we also teach them all about postpartum challenges. The important sessions are breastfeeding sessions wherein the mother learn all the challenges of about breastfeeding and how they can successfully establish a breastfeeding for 6 months. The highlights of these classes are basically the strategies that the laboring mother learns so that they can have a very smooth vaginal delivery, and confidently they can take care of the newborn baby. The other high light is also about postpartum challenges. These two are very important for the couple so that their parenthood become very easy and nice. The most important factor that we see are at the classes. When the couples are more confident entering the labor room, they have a smooth vaginal delivery. They can confidently take care of the baby and also they build up a special bond with each other and it hasn't a very wonderful experience of pregnancy delivery and postpartum care .This is how the classes help the laboring mothers and as a couple and that's why i strongly recommend childbirth education classes for all expecting couples.

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